David Beckham Sends Barack Obama H&M Underwear

If you want to know whether the most important man in the world wears boxers or briefs, you’ll have to ask David Beckham, as he reportedly gifted the President of the United States of America, 50 pairs of underwear from his exclusive range from his own H&M collection. Not one to renege on a promise, the LA Galaxy star told the president that he would send him a ‘big box of underwear’ back in May, but I guess what with all the preparations for the London 2012 Olympics, Beckham has only just got round to shipping them.

The British footballing star and midfielder met Obama in May, when he was invited over to the White House after LA Galaxy won the Major League Soccer Cup. Apparently Obama good naturedly joked about Beckham being a soccer star and for modelling underwear. Obama jokingly said, “He is tough, in fact, it is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear. David Beckham is that man.” It seems that Beckham took it on the chin and later on in an interview with Extra magazine, told them that he was going to send the president the box of underwear as a present, but also for giving his products the presidential seal of approval. “To be in the White House was huge, I think, for myself. And to be given a little bit of a stick by the president was even bigger,” Beckham said.

The package reportedly arrived at the White House over the weekend and a source close to the family said that Michelle has insisted that her husband wears them! Obama’s daughters, Malia, 14 and Sasha, 11 are huge fans of Beckham, and have signed posters of him on their walls. The source added that, “Michelle and the kids think he’s a real hunk. They all made an effort to meet him when he went to Washington and also hung out with him at a basketball final in LA. In their eyes, the fact their dad is pals with him is good for Barack’s standing.” Beckham will be at an event hosted by Obama’s wife – Michelle – ‘Let’s Move’, here at the American Embassy in London on Friday.

A representative for H&M could not be reached for comment on the details of the underwear shipment made by Beckham.

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