David Beckham Promotes Burger King

To be honest, if world famous soccer player and all round good guy David Beckham came into a Burger King near me, it wouldn’t bother me what he ordered, but to some people apparently it does. The international football player has been head hunted by the fast food burger joint to launch their new campaign for healthy eating, but even this hasn’t stopped Beckham’s detractors from having a pop at him. Burger King is not renowned for being one of the healthiest fast food chains in the eatery business so why would Mr Beckham lend his name to the brand? But first, the advert, is it any good?

In it, Beckham is seen strolling up to the counter where he attempts to order a strawberry and banana smoothie. He says to the serving girl, “Can I get one of those new strawberry banana smoothies?” and she promptly falls under his good looking and handsome spell. Completely forgetting his order, she has to ask him to repeat the question, and Beckham is then transformed into a suited gorgeous leading man with golden light shining behind him, as if in a Hollywood movie. His casual blue working shirt is gone and his ruffled hair is now slicked back and he repeats the question, but this time he says, “Hello beautiful. May I please have a strawberry banana smoothie?”

Accompanied with a sexy smile, the girl is captivated by Becks and so the manager of the fast food restaurant comes along to see what the hold up is and then apologises for the delay by stating, “I am sorry David we make them fresh every time with fruit.” By now the girl’s manager is also under Beckham’s spell and thanks him profusely after giving him his smoothie. The advert is funny and well made and Beckham is surprisingly good in it. It highlights the healthier side of Burger Kings’ new menu and future adverts will feature comedian Jay Leno and actress Salma Hayek.

So what will this healthier menu include? Apparently there will be new coffees such as frappes, the smoothies of course, additional salads, snack wraps and chicken strips, and if that all sounds a little familiar, it is because McDonalds did all this in 2003. And I wonder if the reason Burger King have waited so long to promote a healthier range is because their sales have been seriously affected by McDonalds and other various burger establishments, particularly in the States of late. Alex Macedo, who is the chief marketing officer for Burger King North America, thinks that the chain has a good chance of getting sales back as Burger King is a brand everyone knows. He said, “People love Burger King and really want a reason to come back.”

So was it a good idea for David Beckham to sign up to promote Burger King? Certain media analysts think that he is now concentrating on his future plans and moving away from the more expensive brands he is typically associated with. As his football career only has a certain shelf life, he will now need to establish a name with a larger target base and audience, in order for his popularity to remain consistent and well known. And what better way than to link himself with Burger King, one of the better known fast food restaurants in the US and the UK. Some might say it was a pretty clever move on his part, especially as he is promoting the healthier range of the menu. Well done Becks!

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