Daniel Craig Thinks Rachel Weisz is ‘Worth It’

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The Secret Service would have been proud if they had been involved in the secret marriage of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, taking place in New York a few days ago. Evidently, only four witnesses were there at the special nuptials of the famous pair, including Daniel’s 18 year old daughter from his ex wife Fiona Loudon and Rachel’s 5 year old son Henry from her ex fiancé Darren Aronofsky, director of Black Swan.  The 41 year old actress met Daniel, 43 as far back as 1994, when they performed together in a raunchy play about 19th century French courtesans called Grandes Horizontales. Since then they have remained good friends but have been involved in other relationships. In 2010 however they were thrown back together on the set of their latest film Dream House and it seems their desire to become emotionally involved happened very quickly.

Rachel had only just split up with her fiancé of nine years in November of last year whilst Daniel was strongly rumoured to be marrying his long time girlfriend, film producer Satsuki Mitchell. Instead, he split up with her around the same time as Rachel did with Darren, leaving Satsuki completely devastated and not being able to hear his name mentioned around her. Notoriously private people, it is perhaps surprising that the couple allowed themselves to be photographed together outside a cottage in Somerset at Christmas, but a close friend suggests this may be a sign of how serious the relationship was at the time.

Amongst Rachel’s film successes, she is also known for promoting the skincare range for L’Oréal Paris, saying of her commitment to the brand I am honoured to be the new Ambassador of L’Oréal Paris and represent this brand, which values both beauty and diversity. I am proud to support the mission of L’Oréal Paris and their commitment to supporting the wants and needs of women around the world.” L’Oréal Revitalift helps to re-support the skin contours of your face and neck as with age, there are less of the skin’s supporting fibres and as they progressively weaken, the skin starts to sag and facial features lose definition. This loss of skin firmness is most visible on the neck and around the contours of the face.

It must be having some effect as James Bond obviously thinks she is worth it!

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