Dangerous Al-Qaeda Mastermind Reportedly Killed in Yemen

It’s strange how, after so many years, people still have mixed, yet strong feelings about what happened on September, 11. Will we ever know the truth about that day? Probably not. But that’s just how politics work. Some still think former US President Bush encouraged fanatical Islam-followers to harm his own people, some others have come to realise that those terrorists were nothing but fanatical Muslims whose sole purpose was to harm innocent people because infidels.

The eradication of Al-Qaeda and its members is taking a long time, but when people like Anwar al-Awlaki get killed, we all know that there is one less bad guy out there. Even though one should never rejoice at someone’s death, Anwar al-Awlaki was truly a dangerous person, for not only was he a fanatical, he was also one of Al-Qaeda top masterminds.

Born in the United States, he used to hold speeches at a mosque in San Diego where two of the 9/11 terrorists used to go just to be inspired by his sermons. Was he the mind behind the whole attack? That we don’t know, but he certainly contributed to making them hate infidels even more than they already did.

It’s curious how some of the most dangerous terrorists were born, raised and even educated in the United States and, in spite of that, keep hating everyone around them for their entire lives, just because they don’t share their religious views. After 9/11, it appears that Anwar Al-Awlaki remained in the United States and kept preaching to his Muslim “brothers”, until 2007, when he left the country for Yemen. From there, Al-Awlaki orchestrated many other attacks aimed at harming innocent American citizens and soldiers. Among the attacks he inspired are a deadly shooting at a US military base in Texas and several bombing attempts (which fortunately didn’t go as he had planned) on a US airliner in 2009 and even in Times Square.

According to Yemen’s defence ministry, Anwar Al-Awlaki was killed along with a few other potentially dangerous members in an air strike targeted at two vehicles in Ma’rib, where, according to AFP, many Al-Qaeda members still are and meet up on a regular basis.

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