Dallas Wiens, the first US face transplant patient, to wed Jamie Nash

Dallas Wiens, 27, has much to celebrate today, as he announced he has set the date for his wedding to a fellow burns patient he met at a hospital support group.

Mr Dallas Wiens however, has had an awful lot to overcome in the last four years, as a horrific accident left his facial features completely burnt away, and blinded him. Mr Dallas Wiens who hails from North Texas, was working as a painter at the Ridglea Baptist Church in Fort Worth, when his head touched a high voltage power line.

His burns were so severe that he had to receive a full face transplant, and indeed, he was the very first in the US to undergo this innovative type of surgery.

Dallas Wiens and Jamie Nash

Image by:NBC DFW

Mr Dallas Wiens however, has not only made a miraculous recovery, but appears to be remarkably well adjusted to his situation, as he intends to marry in the church where he sustained his injuries. Mr Wiens told NBC News: “There’s no reason to dwell on the past.” And his bride to be, Miss Jamie Nash, from Garland, Texas, agreed, adding: “It’s dead and gone, It burned in the fire.” Mr Wiens met Miss Nash in a support group for patients who had received severe burns and they have now set the date for March 30, 2013, with special invites for their doctors and nurses.

Mr Dallas Wiens suffered from severe burns in November 2008

courtesy: Facebook

Mr Wiens suffered from severe burns in November 2008 and he had such severe burning that he had to receive a new nose, lips, skin, muscle and nerves, all from an anonymous donor. Mr Wiens has had to undergo more than 38 surgeries which were paid for by the US military.

The surgeons who operated on Mr Wiens were unable to restore his sight, and some of his nerves were so badly damaged that he only has partial sensation on his left cheek and the left side of his forehead.

Miss Nash herself was involved in a car accident and suffered severe burns to her hands, legs and on her back. She admitted to sending a text message shortly before the accident occurred, and now campaigns to young people about the dangers of texting whilst driving.

She has in fact set up a website that educates young people to the dangers of texting and there is footage of her actual crash and paramedics desperately trying to free her and save her life. Miss Nash describes the very first time she clapped eyes on Mr Wiens at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas, she said: “I just looked at him from across the room, and there was something about him.”

Dallas Wiens before the accident with his daughter

Credit: AP

Mr Dallas Wiens had just filed for divorce, shortly before his accident in November 2008, and said he wasn’t interested in getting into a relationship at first.

He explained: “I had sworn off love and relationships. I had no desire to be in one whatsoever.” However, it seems that Miss Nash would not take no for an answer and relentlessly pursued him for two months, before he finally gave in. Miss Nash joked: “I told him it’s got to be love, because I’m not sick of you. I know I’ve never felt more real than this.”

Mr Wiens proposed in a jewelry store and Miss Nash said: “I just started crying. How could I not? Just to be so happy,” she added: “It’s a story of hope, a story of true survivors. I mean, if we can do it, I guarantee you, anybody out there – we all have a story. We’re all going through something. And I want to give everybody hope.”

Dallas Wiens

Credit: NBS DFW

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