Daily $8 Paper Face Mask Set to Replace Professional Spa Treatments?

Expensive spa facials are usually the sole remit of the Hollywood celebrity and equally as important is the time it takes to carry the beauty essential. For us normal folk however, who want to attain the same flawless skin but without the hefty price tag, there now seems to be a cheaper and more efficient option. A Korean company – Masqueology have already launched their paper face masks in their own country and they have proved to be a top selling item. Now they aim to hit the US market with claims of results that you would only usually get from professional spa treatments. Soon to be available at Sephora, they are priced at $24 for a set of three masks and the spokesperson for Beauty Architects, the company bringing the product to the U.S, explained that the product is primarily aimed at customers who have little time to set aside for an hours beauty treatment. Speaking to WWD, he said that “In Asia, facial masks are a dime store product. In our market, they exist, but they have been hidden.” It appears that speed is of the essence all across Asia as Beauty Architects chief financial officer Phillip Ha, added, “If you look at trends in Asia, everybody is so busy, and it is all about being quick.”

The product is designed to be used on a daily basis and is made of paper to be more user friendly and less messy than typical face masks. Already in Korea, women are using them as part of their daily routine and as they are a single use product, they are disposable and unique to the skincare market. This is apparently why Sephora wanted to be the first company to launch the Masqueology range in the US. In fact, Carolyn Bojanowski, director of Sephora skin care, told the trade title that, “Masqueology (is) bringing technology and ingredients from Korea in a line solely dedicated to paper masks.” It seems that practical luxuries do well in times of recession and penny pinching. She explained that, like lipstick and nail polish, masks are practical luxuries that do well during times of a credit crunch. She added, “It was time to go after that category and do it in a way that was bigger than ever before.”

Beauty Architects told WWD that “When you find masks in other lines, they are usually a specialty treatment mask you do once in a while. The masks we are bringing in are part of your daily routine.” The paper masks will be available in sets of three with prices ranging from $24 to $36. Each mask tackles a specific skincare concern and taps into the increasing consumer desire for affordable treats that can be carried out at home. The other advantage of paper facial masks is that they are much less complicated than the typical clay ones. The individually-sized facial packets are friendly to the environment, made of bio-degradable ingredients, like cellulose, silk, bamboo fibers, or thin paper. Sephora are optimistic that the new masks will sell well as other at-home luxury items have been on the ‘up swing’, such as more traditional masks like Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask ($34), along with other DIY products such as home hair colorants and manicure kits. The new paper masks will be available at Sephora stores from March of this year.

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