Cycling Away in Style: Gadgets for Cyclists.

When you’re a cyclist, you know that it is an amazing form of exercise allowing you not only to travel but also to work out your leg muscles and get an amazing cardio workout as well as toning for the legs and glutes.

Whether you’re considering getting into cycling as a sport or method of transport, or already cycle regularly, you can count on the following gadgets to make your trip safer, more convenient, or simply more fun.

If you have kids, then you may well be frustrated; it’s difficult to travel safely by bicycle with your kids in tow. But this needn’t be the case, and you don’t have to wait for them to cycle themselves.

The TrailBuggy can carry a load of up to 50kg (110lbs) and can transport a pair of children easily and comfortably. With both a mosquito net and a plastic cover, you can protect them from bugs or rain – or both! There is ample storage space in the back, and the TrailBuggy is towed easily behind your back wheel.

What’s more; you can buy additional clips for additional bicycles, making it as easy to switch bikes as it is to clip it onto your own, and riding your bicycle without the TrailBuggy attached is perfectly easy. The clipping-on system is foolproof and you needn’t worry about losing the TrailBuggy along the way, and £90 to £120 makes it reasonably well-priced.

The SpokeLit seems like a mad idea at first, better suited to ravers with glowsticks than to serious cyclists. However, for under a tenner it is an amazing way for you to ensure your safety when cycling on the road. You clip a small lamp onto the spokes of your wheel and as you cycle, it either flashes or maintains a steady glow. This makes you exceedingly visible to motorists and allows you to maintain your personal safety whilst cycling in the darkest nights.

Love your mp3 player? Wish you could listen to it more easily whilst cycling (or doing any other form of outdoor pursuit)? Why not purchase the Cyfi Wireless Sports Speaker for under £85? With a range of 30 feet you know you’ll be able to enjoy it no matter where you go, and it might be the best way to enjoy your iPod during your drive to and from work, if you can’t plug it into your car and the sound quality is too low to really enjoy.

Cycling is an amazing pursuit whether you use it as a transportation method or simply a great workout. These accessories can make your bike ride more convenient, and more fun!

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