Cute Halloween Costumes For Couples

It is that time of year. For some people, it is considered their favorite time of year. There is a chance to get in the kitchen and bake warm breads, hearty stews and delicious meals without your entire home roasting. You can enjoy the beautiful colors of fall, carve pumpkins and plan the perfect Halloween party. If you have decided to enjoy this year’s Halloween with that special someone there’s a good chance you are looking for costumes that will highlight the pair of you. Here are some ideas you should certainly consider.

Law Enforcement Agent And Jail Bird

Great for an entire evening of laughs and incredibly easy to find, cops and robbers doesn’t even get old when we do! Don’t let it get pigeon holed into ‘gender biased roles’ either. You can have a lot of fun being creative with your costumes and the story that got the jailbird arrested, making for an entire evening filled with fun and laughs. If you end up carrying real handcuffs for whatever reason make sure that the key is in a safe place that you can easily get to.  There is many a tale of the couple that ended up trying to get out of handcuffs because they couldn’t find the key.

Cleopatra And Antony

This historically romantic couple never gets old. There are many costumes that you can find online that are fantastic for this theme. If you’re a creative person you can easily make up your own costumes of Roman togas and gold plaited leaves. For a little added drama to the night encourage a friend to dress as Caesar and watch the night fill with jokes and laughter. 

Sonny And Cher

For those who aren’t into the historically romantic yet tragic couple but still want a bit of fame with their costume, these two never get old. There are tons of people who head out to costume parties as hippies every year, this year put a new twist on it. It’s simple to create as any seventies attire will do and then all you’ll need to add is a couple of wigs. For a little bonus carry around a microphone and see how many people know who you are straight off!

M &M’s

You can be blue and they can be red. Or perhaps you want to be yellow and they choose green. The wonderful part about this costume is that it’s ridiculously easy to make if you don’t feel like trying to find something that is store bought. You can choose to wear a sweatshirt in the color you’ll be and scrawl the M&M logo across the front. Top it off with white leggings and gloves and you’ll be all set.

Two Peas In A Pod

This costume may require a little creativity on your part as it can be difficult to find already premade but once you are wearing it you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the reactions you get for the ridiculous cute factor. This is great if you are going to a party with your sibling or even a friend.

Cowboys & Indians

Just like cops and robbers this is another pairing that just doesn’t get old. If you want to make it a little more personalized you can choose to be Pocahontas and John Smith. These costumes are also very easy to find and can make for a fun evening for everyone involved. 

Remember some of the best ways to get a fabulous costume is to put your thinking cap on well in advance so that you will be able to enjoy the party and be dressed to impress. 

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