Curtain styles for your home this Christmas

Curtains to decorate your home

Festivals are some things that force you to bring about an appealing change. This is the time you think on changing the entire look of your house. Not just cleaning and placing stuff in the right way but also we desire to change the interiors of our homes. Interiors are not easy to decide on. You need to come up with a list of ideas and choose the best among them.

Furniture is something that we rarely change. However, things we can often change are the furnishings. As a matter of fact, a little change in the color or design of your cushion covers, sofa covers or the curtains can give a whole new look to your home decor. Curtains specifically have a major impact on the look and feel of your home. With Christmas round the corner, here are a few styling tips to add a new look to you home by just about changing your curtains!

  • First, decide the theme. Like if you choose to set up your Christmas tree according to any theme like the country-style or single color etc, choose your décor item likewise.
  • When choosing home décor curtains, one needs to take into consideration the color of the room and the architecture of the room. Like, if you have light-colored walls, opt for light decors. If you have dark walls, you can choose dark colors but this may apply only to certain shades of colors. Colors like black, jet greens and dark blues won’t look very appealing as curtains. Curtains mostly are preferred and appear well in lighter tones and lighter cloth materials.
  • There is a huge variety of curtains available to suit every design theme, color theme or budget range.  For the festive seasons, bold and beautiful colored curtains and drapes are best for windows. Same tones but of lighter material are ideal for the doors.
  • Many people prefer curtains only as a piece of décor for the occasions, for such there is the option of huge and decorative, but a little expensive curtains. These curtains are mostly used for rooms with huge ceilings. If you are choosing these kinds of curtains, it is better to choose bold and bright colors as these are mostly used only to enhance the décor of your home.

Like mentioned above, there are various varieties of curtains. To be much specific, here is the list to the type of readymade curtains that you can pick from for your Christmas decorations –

Made-to-measure Curtains: This is a kind of stylish curtain that suits almost any kind of room. Made of beautiful fabrics and headings, these are ideal for any kind of season.

Pencil pleat curtains: These are the type of standard heading curtains. They have 3 inch header and hooks to stand on any kind of tracks and poles. These are mostly preferred for silent Christmas.

Eyelet: These are completely different from the normal curtains. They are usually metal edge holed, mostly made in floor lengths with soft pleats running down the curtain. These are perfect for living rooms, halls or dining rooms to add a sophisticated look to your home decor.

Tab Top curtains: These are quite simple kind of panel curtains with loops or tabs at the top of the panels.

Voiles and Sheers: These are kind of curtains which are very light weight and sometimes even transparent. These allow natural light to pass through them without affecting your privacy. These are not so good for a festive season but serve well if you choose for only windows.

Blinds: These are the kind of curtains high on demand these days. They are quiet similar ones to the net curtains, but of a mixture of fabrics.

Curtains add an oomph factor to your home décor. Give your home a beautiful look this Christmas with some of the most appealing designs, patterns and colors and let your home rule!

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