Cruise Holidays: Yes or No?

When it comes to picking the ideal holiday, it can be a bit of a challenge choosing between cottages, bed and breakfasts, or cruise liners. But too often, people pass up on the cruise holiday scheme because they are concerned about spending all that time on a boat or other silly reasons that shouldn’t stop you. Here’s the skinny on cruise ships; make your decision accordingly.

Seasickness is seen as a big problem on cruise liners, and often you will find you can be ill for a while. Prepare for this eventuality; buy some Bayer’s Kwells or experiment with acupressure bands. You can, equally, try chewing candied ginger or focus on the horizon to ensure you don’t get any more ill than necessary. Address this as soon as you can; you don’t want to waste any of your time on the ship!

Another problem is boredom. Many people feel that, constrained by the confines of the ship, they will soon be bored to tears and not enjoy their holiday at all anymore. However, consider what cruise ships are; purpose-built to entertain, they are in fact tiny floating islands geared towards pleasing their guests. You will find that they offer widely varied activity options and some even offer on-board golf courses as well as some truly madcap ideas. However, it is a good idea to be prepared in case you have a few days during which you genuinely don’t fancy any of the available activities. In case this happens, taking along a laptop and some DVDs, or a few riveting books you’ve been meaning to read, could make all the difference. Just remember that the point of the exercise is to get some relaxing time away from it all!

With some stories roaming the internet about cruises ruined entirely by large groups of people who knew each other signing up, getting drunk, and overrunning the ship, people are often concerned about being confined to a ship with a set of people they loathe. If this is you, say no more; cruise liners tend to be quite strict about such behaviour and you can in fact expect the majority of cruise companies to kick the offenders off the ship and leave them in the next port to make their own way home. If you are concerned about this, don’t be concerned about asking your prospective cruise company what they would do should this occur; they will be able to inform you of their policies.

Cruise holidays can be amazing. Life in luxury on the ship, with potential day trips to nearby cities or islands, combine to make for a wonderfully relaxing and enlightening trip. Don’t let prejudices put you off; you could be missing out on the trip of a lifetime!

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