Creative Halloween Costuming

With Hallowe’en coming up at the end of next month, many schools are beginning to organise celebrations. Often, these are disguised as book days or other days requiring a costume but not advertised as Hallowe’en celebrations as such. Regardless, you’re going to need costumes soon. And how best to fulfil your costuming needs?

Local costume shops can be a great option. Take your child in and ensure you get the right size for them. Be aware, however, that supermarkets, poundshops and local groceries can also begin carrying cheap costumes nearer the time. Take ideas from your child, but if you need something specific you’ll need to look for those perfect costumes.

The internet is a helpful place, too. Google Shopping allows you to look for the ideal costume, but don’t bypass eBay as an idea. International sellers can be ideal, which is why it’s important to start looking sooner rather than later; you’ll want to leave plenty of time for delivery!

Don’t be afraid to wriggle about and use more everyday objects to create the perfect costume. Harry Potter, for example, can be made with a black robe, an eyeliner lightning bolt, some toy glasses and a stick! Add a gold-and-burgundy scarf and you have a convincing Harry Potter costume that’s cost you very little and looks better than those brandishing a plastic ‘wand’ about. Wally will be easy to find with a simple stripy jumper, hat, glasses and walking stick. You don’t necessarily have to push the boat out for ‘official’ costumes!

If your child’s costume isn’t as simple as that, however, you could consider making one yourself. eBay, again, is perfect for fabrics and paraphernalia; why not give sewing your own a go? If you need a fuzzy appearance, fleece is ideal; not only will it keep your child warm, it will also never fray and therefore be very easy to sew. Patterns are easy enough to find, and with a bit of creativity you can come up with your own ideas, but be aware that many people who have made their own costumes keep how-to guides online. You can access many of them for free, allowing you to print the pattern pieces on your home printer.

Hallowe’en or book day, whatever it’s called – an opportunity for a costume is never small potatoes to a child. With these handy tips your child will soon be wearing the costume of a lifetime!

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