Creating your Own Wall Art

 If you have a little bit of gumption nowadays, you do not need to spend a fortune on art work to update the look of your place. It is very simple and inexpensive to create a piece of art for a blank wall and, best of all, if you have made it yourself, you can be assured that it is original. Best of all, none of the projects below require framing so they are quick and easy to finish off.

The simplest, hardly any work involved idea is to take a photo that you particularly like and see if it can be blown up and mounted onto canvas. Keep in mind that if you want a big canvas, the resolution of the picture has to be really good or it will pixelate when blown up. This is particularly true of digital photos – especially the ones that have been Photoshop to within an inch of their lives. This option is pricier and takes a bit longer than the method outlined below but the results can be amazing. You also barely have to do any work at all.

The second project is to get hold of a sturdy square or rectangular frame – you could use and artist’s canvas, just make sure it is block mounted.  Choose a piece of wallpaper or printed fabric that you like. Cover your frame with the wallpaper or fabric, secure at the back with glue and let it dry. Not much to it, is there?

The last project is to lay hands on a blank, block mounted artist’s canvas and paint an abstract piece. It is simple to create an abstract piece of art – it is merely a matter of getting the shapes and colours right. If you have no idea what to do, simply choose a colour you like and paint the canvas that colour. You could get a couple more canvases and paint them different colours to create a colour block. A simple but effective design trick is to use masking tape to block off areas of the design and paint over the rest of the canvas. Allow the paint to dry and then either leave the unpainted areas bare or repeat and paint them in a different colour.

You could even use a combination of two or three of the techniques to create a simple, stunning masterpiece. If, of course, you didn’t like it, it would be easy to toss it out as there was no significant investment in terms of time or money.

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