Creating a seaside interior

With all this amazing sunny weather, many of us are either heading to the seaside, or planning holidays to coast, and who can blame us? As this sort of weather is virtually unknown in the UK and we all want to make the most of it.


As we return from our well-deserved breaks and vacations, we bring back with us fond memories of sun, sea and sand, and we want to recreate those happy times within our own homes. Well for those who have been inspired by the beach life and coast images, it is not that hard to add some seaside magic to your living space.


Simply by choosing decorations that suggest the impression of the sea or the beach, choosing a colour scheme of corals, sands and turquoises, and hanging pictures that depict the ocean, will instantly set you on the road to creating a seaside theme. But how do you start off?


Seaside themes are all about natural light, open spaces and minimal fixtures.


Keep the basic colours white, off white or cream, but add accents of ocean blues such as turquoise, gorgeous coral peaches, and sandstones and beiges.

seaside indoors3

You can add these colours with furniture, such as a statement sofa in peach or sky blue, or wall hangings, or paint a wall in a soft blue. You can also add spots of colour with cushions or plants and rugs in contrasting colours.


Keep everything natural, as if they all just drifted up from the beach. So nothing modern or manmade, unless it has been crafted from natural elements. Wood, sandstone, shells or decorations made from pebbles look amazing in a seaside theme.

seaside indoors5

Also furniture crafted from old styled wood is a good match. You can even whitewash wooden furniture to make it look more sun-bleached.


Simple decorations that come in bright natural colours will be very effective for a seaside theme. Look for unusual items such as old sand buckets, picture postcards that you can frame, or even wooden signs from seaside hotels.

seaside indoors4

Make sure any colours in decorations pick out the main colour scheme, so choose them with hues of marine blues, sandy tones or coral peaches. You can intensify the colours in the decorations but just make sure they are from the same colour palette.


Keep drapes and curtain light and breezy by choosing light coloured nets, and opt for muslin and not heavy velvet or and curtains that are lined. Ideally you want large, open windows that let in a lot of light, but if this is not possible, don’t let the drapes cover the windows, make them more of a windswept feature, by choosing soft and lightweight curtains in white or cream colours.

seaside indoors2

Dotting little lamps around the living space with seaside connections will all add to the seaside theme. Choose bright white lights to add a fresh ocean appeal, and create the impression of a larger and brighter space.

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All interior pictures courtesy NYTimes.com

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