Creating a Photo Wall

In the age of the digital camera, we often have our photos uploaded to our computers and forgotten about. We may post them on social networking sites such as Facebook but, for the most part, we hardly ever look at them. A great way to pay tribute to friends and family is by creating a photo wall.

What is a Photo Wall?

Aphoto wall can be an entire wall devoted to photos or a section of a wall devoted to photos. The main thing is that the photos form the feature for the wall.

How do I get started?

The first step is going to be to select and print the photos you want to display. You may decide on a mix of different colours and photo styles or you may decide to print all the photos in black and white.

You need not make the prints all the same size either – throwing in one or two large ones will add interest to the wall. Of course, you may decide that a uniform bank of photos is more in keeping with your style and, in this case, uniform black and white prints all framed in the same way can make a stunning display.

What Frames do I Choose?

The frames are going to largely depend on the effect you are going for and the size and style of the photos. You can go amok and create a jigsaw puzzle effect by fitting together frames of different sizes and different shapes onto the whole wall. In this particular case, uniformity of frame is very unimportant and the wall will look as though it was an organic progression of your family history. If you want a more uniform effect, choose frames that match in colour, type or size.

What Layout must I Use?

Laying out the frames is largely a personal choice. The best advice I can give on layout is to use a spirit level to ensure that the frames are straight. You may also want to cut out the shapes of the frames in newspaper first and arrange them on the wall to find a design that is pleasing to you before you make holes in the wall to hang them. In the end there are so many different layouts to choose from and none of them are really wrong. Just make sure that they fit into your décor and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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