Create an Inviting Home by Simplifying Your Space

Holidays often mean more entertaining in your home. Make your guests comfortable by creating a welcoming space by decreasing clutter and adding some personal touches. While clearing out old belongings may seem daunting, the reward will be an environment that is appealing, and will leave room for new items that you cherish.

I know, I know…it’s never easy to get rid of our old things, as most of us tend to think that every single lamp, frame, box and old plaid are essential, but as you start walking around your apartment or house, you’ll realize that there’s plenty of useless stuff that you have never used and that you could replace with more beautiful, useful items. Of course, you don’t have to replace every single thing you throw away with something else, some “emptiness” will give your home a modern and minimalist touch that will make it appear bigger and cleaner.

Start by walking around your home and taking inventory of areas that collect clutter. Begin with areas where you plan to entertain. Is mail covering your dining room table? Take time to sort through the paperwork you have accumulated into three piles: discard, file and action. Next, take action on all three piles. Often you will find it takes much less time to complete the task than expected. Once it’s done, the important part is keeping up the organization. Sort through mail when it comes in and immediately take the needed action. Once your table is clean, decorate with a colorful centerpiece such as an indoor houseplant to brighten up the room and put the focus back on the intended purpose of the room. Plants also clean the air in your home as an added bonus. The kitchen is a place that guests tend to gather also. When taking inventory, assess items covering your counters.

Have they been used in the last six months? Could you store it elsewhere or sell? Are you holding on to past gifts out of obligation? Clearing your counter space will give you more prep room for cooking and can have a positive influence on your eating habits. Add a bowl filled with colorful fruit for quick snacking, as well as a dash of color in the room. Entryways are another area that tends to collect clutter. Family members often leave shoes and bags by the door. Install a charming rack for bags and coats that adds flair. Baskets can be a great way to hold shoes and can quickly be moved if more space is needed. Adding a rug that reflects your style by the front door helps prevent tracking dirt and other outside elements into the home.

Even if a doormat is outside, an indoor rug with a backing to prevent slippage adds warmth in the entryway. Simplifying through cleaning clutter can lead to less stress and a more inviting atmosphere. An easy way to build the habit of staying organized is taking fifteen minutes a day to work on items. You’ll often find that once you start, you’re eager to continue on.

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