Create an Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

Eco-friendly room for your little one!

Eco-friendly room for your little one!

Looking to furnish your baby nursery? Then you must check out the latest eco-friendly baby furnishing products for your baby’s nursery. After all each child deserves a green start when entering the world! New born babies spend most of their time in the nursery, so you must make it a sacred space which is non-toxic and as pure as possible. It is not only functional but also very safe. Such a nursery consists of furniture which is made up of 100% sustainable solid wood and painted in 100% natural water-based paints.

It includes a baby crib, a changing table and a dresser for your child’s comfort. This is the practical set of baby nursery which looks very attractive too. The crib usually has a convertible construction and perfectly suits babies as well as toddlers. The crib also has a low mattress position making it convenient and safe for your child to climb in and out without your help. You can check out the trendiest collection of eco-friendly furniture from OEUF. A green nursery for your baby will help in securing the health of the baby as well as in boosting the quality of environment around him or her.      

In order to improve the quality of indoor air, you must try to bring the outside in. try to incorporate the baby friendly plants such as bamboo, peace lilies or even the green spider plants inside the house. This will help remove formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air and detoxify the atmosphere. Exposing your baby to fresh air during the day will also help in allowing your baby to sleep better at the night-time. It is important to open the windows every morning and allow the circulation of fresh air in the room. When purchasing the baby furniture, keep in mind the functionality of it. Always consider whether you child can use it as a toddler or even beyond that. Also check for multiple functions from single furniture in order to eliminate the need for another piece of furniture. It fitting your budget, try to get a baby crib with an organic and natural mattress. You can try the COCO-MAT also. As for the walls, paint them using the VOC free paints.

These can be purchased from GREEN DEPOT, SHERMAN WILLIAMS and BENJAMIN MOORE etc. to name a few. Wall art is a more eco-friendly alternative to paints. You must choose those pieces of art that will grow along with your baby. While it is considered to be most ideal to purchase all natural or organic textiles and furniture products, it is usually not a very economic option. At the same time, if you are using harsh cleaners and detergents for washing the surfaces, textiles etc. then the whole purpose itself is lost. So it is best to clean all the nursery surfaces, furniture, bedding, window panes, carpets, clothing etc. with the eco-friendly cleaners. These are easily available in the market now-a-days. The indoor quality of the air can be greatly affected by the kind of cleaners used. Using harsh chemical toxic substances or cleaners can affect the respiratory system of your child and cause certain allergic reactions to the skin. While designing the nursery of your child, you must also keep in mind the kind of toys you purchase for your little one.

Play is the natural way a child learns and baby toys help in this learning process. As a parent you will love to adore your child with numerous kinds of toys. However, you must not forget the fact that your child is going to take the toy in their mouth more often than play with it. The baby toys for infants should be washable, non-breakable and without sharp edges. They should be large enough so that the infant doesn’t swallow it. Usually you should get those toys that don’t have small attachments such as eyes on a stuffed animal, bells on a shaker etc. that can be pulled off or swallowed. Since it is more likely to enter your child’s mouth, you must make sure that is made up of an eco-friendly material as far as possible. Try to get the ones that are made from all natural sources which don’t include BPA, phthalates or PVC. This way you can create a completely green and safe nursery for your little one!  

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