Crafting on a Budget

Crafts remain popular, but as people tighten the purse strings it can be difficult to afford crafting supplies. Making homemade decorations and items for daily use is part of some people’s personalities and they can find it difficult to give up their crafts. So how can you keep crafting without breaking the budget?

The most obvious way to keep crafting is by recycling. Decoupage can benefit from your cast-off magazines and left-over wrapping paper, and ratty old sheets can become part of a patchwork quilt or even become a new skirt or cushion.

Another way of making sure you can afford to keep yourself busy with your crafts of choice is by saving money. Make useful things. Sewing? Sew blankets. A handmade quilt makes an amazingly personal gift, and one that costs a fraction of something far less meaningful that might run into the hundreds of pounds. It’s also a lovely way to avoid paying through the nose for new bedding, and if you’re about to have a baby you may like making them what may become a family heirloom. You’re crafting, sure, and you’re still paying for it – but it is saving you money in the long run.

Knitting, sewing or crocheting clothing, hats, scarves and blankets can save you a lot of money in terms of buying those items at the shops, but they can also help you save money when there is a breakage. Mending clothing has gone out of style, but compared to buying new, paying the money you need to get a sewing kit will allow you to save an absolute tonne.

Card-making is simple; making your own birthday, Christmas and greeting cards allows you to save a few pennies here or there. You can also transfer the skills to making bookmarks which, again, allow you to give fun and personalised gifts.

Buying supplies in bulk allows you to save some money. Shops like Hobbycraft or Habiknit will have occasional sales on, but places like eBay allow you to buy in bulk and make a saving pretty much year round. Looking around online allows you to find the least expensive offers for the supplies you need; just watch out that you stick to your budget. It can be easy to be tempted into buying more than you need by the sheer availability of things you “may use at some point.”

If you carefully budget for your crafting needs and use your crafts to help save money, then you can keep it up even as you tighten the belt financially. Happy crafting!

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