Fashion Collaborations: H&M and Versace, Topshop and Michael van der Ham!

Buying designer apparel at affordable prices has become easier in recent years with many high fashion designers partnering with popular mainstream retailers. If you love fashion and have expensive taste, then you should take advantage of such collaborations as you might get yourself lots of designer clothes and accessories at a fraction of the price.

However, when it comes to affordable designer clothes, timing is of vital importance. In fact, there are many women like you out there who are ready to raid whatever store offers the most affordable prices or liquidates its inventory. Taking advantage of couture collaborations is the best way to purchase designer apparel, as you can be sure that what you are buying is a product that was designed by a famous fashion designer and not a fake.

But how can designer apparel be so affordable? The answer is quite simple. Typically the merchant contacts the fashion brand, and then designers from the two companies collaborate on a line representative of the partnership. To decrease prices, the designer labels substitute cheaper materials and simpler embellishments. However, these collaborations tend to be limited edition leading to a high demand.

American retailer Target’s launch of its Missoni for Target collection in September quickly sold out in stores and high online demand crashed the company’s website. With the holidays around the corner, here are a few ideas for working couture collaborations all season long. Swedish retailer H&M recently announced a partnership with Italian label Marni, a critic darling. The label is founded by Consuelo Castiglioni, who was named by Fast Company magazine as one of the 100 most creative people in business in 2010. H&M has famously partnered with big names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons, Jimmy Choo and Lanvin in the past.

H&M is now featuring a collection by Versace for H&M including I want it now pieces such as this fitted soft leather jacket with quilted details and gold and silver accents for £149.99. Pair with stiletto suede ankle boots with patent leather details for £79.99. To soften the look, add a demure dress like this short, flared chiffon dress from H&M’s label for £29.99. To buy or for store locations visit http://www.hm.com

Topshop is currently collaborating with London Fashion Week’s NEWGEN designers Michael van der Ham, Simone Rocha and Ashish. Previously the retailer collaborated for four years with fashion icon Kate Moss. Pair these silk contrast trousers by Michael van der Ham (£130.00) with this Ziggy beaded top (£70.00) for a fresh twist on holiday attire. Complete your ensemble with an elegant embellished heart knit headband by Alice Hannah ((£20.00) To buy or for store locations visit http://www.topshop.com/

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