Couples’ Trips Away without the Kids

When you become a parent you waive your right to relaxing holidays for some time. But this doesn’t need to mean you will be unable to enjoy some time away from the children at all – if you have family members or friends you can trust with your kids, you can in fact enjoy a couple’s break away on a regular basis if you wish to. But what to do during these trips?

A spa type holiday is a great idea. Franchises such as Mercure Hotels offer hotels with full gym and spa facilities which allow you to enjoy some serious pampering near home. Alternatively, you can book a spa holiday abroad and try to combine it with some time out in the sun – as long as you remember to slather on the sun screen and keep yourself from burning! These holidays can really help a couple get closer together after a long time spent as parents rather than as partners, and as they are geared towards relaxation they will easily help you chill out and spend time talking to each other. Just be aware that some spa treatments may cost extra and research the area where you will be going to make sure you can afford to go out for dinner every once in a while – even if you pay for full board, it’s nice to do something new every now and again.

Taking in the local sights can often be a pain with children in tow; they are not well-suited to waiting in queues and especially if the temperatures soar it can be difficult to keep them under control. If you fancy a lot of museums and historical sights, then a couple’s holiday is ideal and you can expect it to fulfil all your sight-seeing needs. Plan loosely; you’ll want a schedule with some flexibility to it. Some of the best sights you’ll ever see are the ones you’ll stumble across on your own; being at a loose end on such a holiday can only really lead to wonderful discoveries.

Taking a cruise is a great idea for couples. You can combine the relaxation and spa pampering of a spa or beach holiday with the exploration of a sight-seeing tour when you get off at every port. In the Bahamas or the Caribbean, for example, you can take a lovely cruise with multiple stops at various island ports. You can explore each island and spend time on the ship relaxing and taking time to yourselves.

A couple’s holiday is a great way to reconnect as partners when your working life and childcare have taken over to some degree. Just book the right holiday for you and you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company to a previously unknown extent!

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