Couple First Dance Wedding Songs for the Reception

It is a part of every wedding occasion that the couples dance together that is why finding first dance wedding songs is a task that is always included in their list. Although some couples leave this task to the wedding planner to do, there are still a lot of engaged partners who want to do it themselves to make the event more personalized and a reflection of their love and affection.

Couples who personally look for their first dance wedding songs normally choose songs that they both love or those that show how much they have undergone before finally saying ‘I do’ at the altar.

First dance wedding songs can be in so many genres and it is just up to the couple which one they want to use for their big day. Some couples are of the traditional wedding songs which normally are country songs.

Others however want their special day to be unique and unforgettable that is why they choose something that is upbeat or something that can be funny and really reflects their personalities. Whatever they want, wedding songs really add up to the mood of the occasion that is why it should never be forgotten.

One of the traditions in wedding receptions is that couples dance together for entertainment and what people call wedding dollar dance. Basically, this kind of tradition aims to have the couples interact with their guests through dancing. Aside from that, it also aims to give the couples extra money or cash which they can spend on their honeymoon.

Money is not given directly to the hands of the couple. One by one, guests would stand up and pin the money to the couple’s clothing. Other way of doing the wedding dollar dance is where couples will have a short dance with every guests and after that, they will pin the money to the clothes of the newly wed. The dance will end after the last guest have pinned their money or after the song ended.

The couple’s first dance after the wedding ceremony is something that they look forward to at some point. Guests also want to witness this part as well because it gives them the thrill just by seeing how sweet they are to each other. This is where they will be showing how much they love and care for each other by holding each other and dancing to the tune of the first dance wedding songs that they have chosen prior to the their big day.

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