Rustic Country Inspired kitchen

Country inspired kitchen decor

Country inspired kitchen decor

Can you resist the site of a home or a kitchen which is so rustic and country inspired? I just can’t. I totally love the old country look for the house or for the kitchen. Kitchen is the place where women spend a lot of time. Kitchen is not just a place where one cooks. It is also a place where you can eat and have a relaxed chat with your mother or your family. Kitchen should be neat, clean and tidy. It should not look like a mess. It should be hygienic, clean and beautiful to look at.

A county inspired kitchen looks stylish, gives a warm feeling and sends good vibes. Kitchen is the heart of the home. It should be nice and beautiful. It doesn’t matter if it is small or spacious. What’s important is that it should be friendly, cozy, hospitable and pretty charming like a country kitchen. You can do any style, make the kitchen look like anything but one thing should be kept in mind.  The kitchen should be comfortable and convenient for the users. Turning your kitchen like a country kitchen is nothing but changing the style. You can get total country-style kitchen furniture for your kitchen to give it a rustic look. It is the best idea to make your kitchen look country styled. Blend of rustic style with a hint of modernity will make your kitchen look smart and convenient.

Country Kitchen Accessories

Wood is the ultimate choice for those who want to give their kitchen a rustic look. Large wooden tables, cabinets in rustic style, open wooden shelves and antique accessories will make your kitchen look total country side. You should always maintain unity in design. To get the perfect rustic look, install only wooden furniture and don’t mix it with steel or plastic furniture. Get hand-painted shelves and cabinets for the kitchen. Dark Tuscan style furniture works best in rustic kitchens. Colors like orange, red, shades of gold, olive greens works great with rustic theme. They will look fabulous.

Country Kitchens Designs

If you want a complete country-style kitchen then you should give a lot of importance to color scheme for the kitchen as well. Rustic kitchen designs are best known for red and shades or orange. They go very well with the country theme. Copper and metallic colors work wonders. Cobalt blue, burnt orange, tomato red, sunflower yellow and olive-green colors are bold and experimental. They will add a rustic feel instantly.  Iron wall grills, iron cabinets, stucco walls, Venetian plasters, rough textured walls will add the country-rustic feel totally. Wooden flooring will add the needed touch to the kitchen. Even hardwood flooring is beautiful to have.

Country Kitchen Furniture

The curtains and chair cushion for the kitchen should be of natural fabric. They should have open weaves and should look rough. It should be cotton, calico or jute. Never try satin, chiffon or any other fabric like that for the kitchen you wish to have a rustic feel for. When all the furniture work, wall work and painting is done. It’s time to add the rustic and country inspired look to your kitchen with accessories. Plastic tea set, or dining set if installed will totally kill your kitchen’s look. The idea is to install the right accessories not the miss match ones. It will give your kitchen that perfect look. Oil rubbed bronze accessories, natural wooden and terracotta pottery and metal patinas will give you the needed touch of rustic feel. Earthenware vessels, copper pottery and utensils, iron latches, iron candle holders, designer hand-made vessels, old containers, wooden framed art work and simple-rustic style light fixtures is what you will need to complete the rustic element for your kitchen.

Country Inspired Kitchen Décor

Other things like jute baskets, wooden cases, wooden shelves, peddle, wooden doors, stone walls and large wooden windows add the needed country feeling to your kitchen. Always remember to use everything is proportion. Just because something is looking nice you need not over do it. Always keep in mind the proper style and need before doing anything. A rustic or country inspired kitchen décor is always beautiful to look at. Rustic kitchen look warm and welcoming. It makes the environment friendly and alive. So when you are planning a make over for your kitchen keep in mind the rustic theme. Try to achieve it in your kitchen if you have love for the old and lost look.  Rustic look is beautiful and natural. It brings us closer to the nature. So it is for all those who love nature and want to live near it.

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