Could You Benefit from Learning to Sew?

Sewing, like so many pastimes, has fallen by the wayside as a popular hobby. But recently it’s seen a resurgence, and could this be because it is a handy, helpful activity? Learning to sew could add something to your life and allow you to outfit your home however you like… Or could it?

A big downside of sewing as a hobby is the start-up cost. A cheap sewing machine will still run you around £100, and on top of that you’ll need needles, mercerised cotton thread, pins, fabric and any patterns you intend to follow. If you end up not producing enough bits and bobs to earn the money back – in terms of goods for your own home, or items you can sell on – you’ll feel silly for spending the money.

But if you ask around, it’s entirely possible that relatives, friends, or random people in the area have elderly machines sitting around which can be picked up for free or for a very small bit of money indeed. Don’t be frightened away by these older machines; they may not be able to perform any fancy decorative stitching, but as long as they can sew they won’t steer you far wrong. My own sewing machine is from the 70’s and contains a fair amount of castiron; it weighs a tonne and belonged to my mother-in-law, who purchased it from someone else at some point. Decorative stitching? Not so much.

But it will power through virtually anything you can throw at it, and I’m secretly convinced it would happily stitch through my Teflon pan if asked to do so. They can also show you whether or not sewing is a hobby you’ll enjoy and persist in, allowing you to decide whether or not you should shell out the big bucks for a newer unit.

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Nothing will ever fit quite like a custom-sized piece of clothing.

Finding fabric can seem difficult and it may seem like an expensive proposition. But think laterally; those curtains could easily be cut up and made into something else. Cotton sheets don’t cost a great deal, but can be refashioned quite easily, and eBay is always on standby with a large selection of beautiful fabrics for cut-rate prices.

In addition to making home items such as curtains, patchwork blankets, and tea cosies, sewing will allow you to make clothes for yourself and your children. This may seem like a lot of work for little payoff, but consider this; any clothing you want, made from any fabric, and making those little allowances.

Are you tall, but with a small chest? Do you have short legs but a long torso? Do you have a tall-but-skinny child whose trousers are inevitably always too short or too wide? You can make custom-sized items that will allow you to adjust everything you need to, and for a fraction of the price.

If you find yourself enjoying sewing as a hobby, then the end product is a cherry on top of a pretty amazing cake, so give it a go and see if sewing is a good way for you to add to your wardrobe and household items!

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