Could Regaine Foam Restore Your Lush Head of Hair?

Baldness still provides a social stigma, and while many people come to terms with it, most still wish they had a full head of hair. Over the years, so many products have turned up claiming they can fix your hair loss – but could Regaine foam actually be the one to do the trick?

Baldness can have a variety of causes, many of which are not yet fully understood. Male pattern baldness, however, is the affliction affecting the target market for Regaine foam and other such drugs. It’s the most common reason for humans to lose their hair, and again can have many causes. It is genetically determined, but don’t despair – we’ll have a look at Regaine foam first.

Minoxidil, which is the active ingredient in Regaine foam, is a drug used originally to help remedy high blood pressure. It was found to have an interesting side-effect in the form of increased growth, or darkening of, existing body hair. In some cases, the hair growth was extremely noticeable, however after discontinuing the drug the effect wore off within months. Regaine began to develop a foam version of the drug to promote hair growth on the scalp – where male pattern baldness occurs.

No one is entirely sure why Minoxidil works the way it does, although the current theory is that the blood flow to the follicles is stimulated by the effect Minoxidil has on the vascular system, widening the pathways through which blood travels and thereby combating high blood pressure. It has, however, been proven to have some effect in men between 18 and 41 years old (and has not been disproven to work on men outside of these ages).

The big downside of Minoxidil, and therefore Regaine foam, is the fact that its effects are not permanent. If you stop using it, your newly grown hair will disappear within a matter of months and return you to your previous state. This may be a big downside for some, but if you are able to continue using the foam as directed, you should have no trouble maintaining your new growth.

There have been many snake oils to battle hair loss, in the past, and many people are jaded and worry that this could be yet another fake designed to take money from their pockets. However, provided your expectations are realistic this product can actually provide you with genuine results and you can expect your hair loss to be reversed to a previously unheard-of degree.

So if you’re looking at reversing your own baldness, Regaine foam could provide you with genuine results that will surprise you immensely. Daily use, as per the directions on the packaging, will stimulate re-growth and can reverse your balding amazingly well. Especially if your issue is a receding hairline, you will be able to see a very real difference within a relatively short period of time.

Of course darkening of the hair is to be expected, so don’t expect identical hair to that which you originally lost. Regaine is also not great for large surface areas, although the effect is somewhat cumulative and you may simply need more patience than a man with a smaller bald spot. Why not give it a try today? You could be looking at a lush head of hair before you know it!

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