Could Kérastase Densifique hair cream cure baldness?

hair loss treatmentThere is no doubt that baldness is sexy on some men, but the majority, I would guess, would rather sport a full head of hair.

Balding can be quite an ageing look, and in this day and age, where everyone is trying to hold back the years and appear as youthful as they possibly can, it can be distressing if you start to lose your hair.

There are many products on the market that attempt to address this problem, and many methods which are said to promote healthy growing hair; from taking chemicals that inhibit certain hormones, drinking larger amounts of caffeine, ensuring you have the right amount of vitamins in your diet, and even lotions and transplants.

But one hair company that is a favourite of hairdressing salons world-wide, have now produced a new hair loss treatment, and claims it actually works.

Kérastase Densifique hair cream

Kérastase Densifique works by stimulating the dormant hair follicles in the scalp, and waking them up, thus promoting new growth. The treatment has since been hailed as a ‘major breakthrough’, with the makers L’Oreal, who developed it in their hair laboratory in Paris, claiming that it is clinically proven to be effective for both men and women.

The product was designed after researchers started looking into the causes of hair loss and baldness, and found that many of those who suffered from a lack of hair had scalp tissue that was severely oxygen deprived.

This is known as hypoxia. The scientists devised a molecule stemoxydine that helps to target the hypoxia by gradually increasing oxygen levels in the scalp. This in turn stimulates the hair follicles to wake up and start producing thicker hair and hair growth, in the areas where previously they had shut down.

Box of Kérastase Densifique hair cream

The Kérastase Densifique cream costs £285 but is for a three-month treatment, and it has to be applied daily into damp or dry hair using an applicator and then massaged into the scalp.

In clinical trials, 101 people used the product once a day for three months and found a four per cent increase in the number of hairs they had. This might not seem many, but it amounts to an average of 1,700 new hairs.

Patricia Pineau, head of scientific affairs at L’Oréal, said: “We’ve known for 100 years that hair grows and falls out. We haven’t known what makes hair regenerate until now.

It is all about hair stem cell environment. In 2000, we have published the existence of two stem cell reservoirs in the hair and, more recently, we have both identified the optimal environment and designed a molecule able to favour it. Kérastase Densifique is a result of this discovery that happens not very often.

We have been able to develop a cosmetic product that respects the natural way hair regenerates. A clinical trial has proven its efficacy on hair density – number and diameter. Kérastase Densifique will really help people who are experiencing thinning hair and less volume.”

The Kérastase Densifique also contains Vitamins B3, B5 & B6 which all help to promote natural hair growth and a polymer texturizer that makes hair appear visually more dense.

You can buy Kérastase Densifique from feelunique.com for £80.75 for a one month supply, or £39.10 for 10 days supply. Delivery within the UK is free.

For more information, UK readers should visit kerastase.co.uk and US readers can check out kerastase-usa.com

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