Could Apple iPhone 5 Rival Galaxy S3 Be Revealed Today?

Speculation is rife that weeks ahead of the anticipated launch date of May 3rd of the next Galaxy smartphone, it could actually be unveiled to the public today. As one of the most eagerly wanted mobile phones of 2012, Samsung have had a hard time keeping its main features under wrap, but a website created especially for the Galaxy S3 entitled ‘tgeltaayehxt’ which broken down is an anagram of ‘the Next Galaxy’, offers a countdown that ends at midday today and could give customers their first look at the new handset, destined to be one of Apple’s main contenders this year. The website has proved to have been so popular however, that is has crashed on several occasions, with many Galaxy S3 fans logging on throughout the day.

It is thought that the source for the leak came from a highly regarded website in Vietnam, known for providing credible industry worthy news stories called ‘Tinhte’. This was the site that had previously shown the world the new Samsung Galaxy Tab and revealed features and parts from the new iPad. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 appears online in this Vietnamese video which was posted on YouTube a few days ago. On their website you can see actual footage of the Galxay S3 in working mode for the first time. Further revelations about the new smartphone include that it is expected to have an 8 megapixel camera with 16Gb of storage, but the most exciting part is that it boasts NFC technology which will allow the subscriber to use it as a credit card. It is expected to have a slightly lower resolution than the iPhone 4S with its 720 x1184, but it will employ a bigger 4.6inch screen compared to the iPhone’s 3.5inch and be powered by a 1.4Ghz quad core processor.

Also touted are the 16GB of storage plus a microSD card slot and you’ll get a longer lasting 2,050mAh battery. The new Galaxy S3 is expected to run the latest version of Google’s Android software – Ice Cream Sandwich but customers are be warned that all these images and revelations that are being shown on the internet may not reflect the true product. In fact, spokespeople for Samsung have even suggested that the leaked video showing the working handset may be a fake to guard against the original phone falling into rival hands before the expected launch date of May 3rd.

Whatever date the launch is, Samsung are preparing for a huge demand for their latest creation. Watch this space for more updates!

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