Could a Headset Improve Your Gameplay?

Of course, when it comes to Super Paper Mario, it’s unlikely that a headset will do anything to help or hinder your gameplay, although it may help to drown out the wails of your children as they beg for the Wii controller and to get to have a go. But when it comes to games such as Black Ops, or other first-person shooters where situational awareness is important, a headset could truly make a huge difference to your ability to own the enemy and rack up an excellent KDR.

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Let’s be honest; a giant set of Turtle Beach headphones isn’t going to be the most fetching accessory you buy this year. And if you enjoy playing your FPS of choice while you relax with your spouse, partner or family, then the addition of a headset will further alienate you from them during your nightly killing spree as you’ll be unable to participate in conversation the way you usually would. But the 5:1 Dolby Surround Sound your Xbox is capable of producing is more than enough to allow you a great degree of directional hearing and a much keener understanding of the lay of the land. This allows you to recognise when someone is sneaking up on you, seeking to dispatch you with a quick headshot, which minimises the number of deaths you suffer, elevates your number of kills, and boosts your kill/death ratio immensely.

Don’t over-buy; you may purchase a 7:1 Dolby Surround Sound set of headphones, and that’s great. But are you paying extra for a feature your console can’t work with? That’s money wasted – money you could be spending on Modern

Warfare 3 in November. So save your pennies and buy a set that handles the 5:1 your Xbox will produce. It will be plenty in order to enhance your gameplay and provide you with a much more accurate sense of what’s going on around you – or more accurately, around your character.

These headsets can cost a pretty penny, but for a couple of hundreds of pounds you can expect to really improve your enjoyment in the FPS you enjoy the most, and you could be boosting your scores by far more than you might think.

At the end of the day, a headset will allow you to further immerse yourself into the game and can really let you understand and interact with your in-game surroundings in a way that will improve your enjoyment of the game in every possible way. So get out there, grab some headphones, and have some fun!

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