Could a 3TB Drive Be the Storage Solution for You?

Many people look at a 3TB drive and think it is a ridiculous amount of storage space. As such, they overlook it and decide not to bother. But had you considered how much easier and more comfortable your back-up procedure could be if you had a 3 terabyte drive to use?

I have a small USB drive dangling from my keychain. With 8Gig, I can back up my work daily and know I have it with me. Should my house burn down during the school run, I would still have my writing, backed up and up-to-date, right in my pocket. This is as handy as possible, right? I can’t complain, and every day I just update it and know I can’t lose all my work in a single go. I’m a lot more comfortable and I sleep more easily knowing a burglar can’t just steal my livelihood away.

But if I had a 3TB drive, I would be able to simply pile backup onto backup, allowing me to retain multiple revisions. When working on specific works such as my more creative collaborations and stories, it would be immensely useful to have revision after revision to check through. Even though I save one file per draft, I would be able to roll back changes and undelete paragraphs which I’ve hastily deleted but later found to be perfectly adequate.

When you have a 3TB drive at your disposal, you can simply back up your computer whenever you want to without worrying about making space. If you have a lot of sizeable files you need to store, such as movie files or mp3s, you can go months without deleting a single one and you can build up quite the library indeed. If you are in the habit of making your own music or films, this can be especially handy as you needn’t lose anything at all.

Another way in which this drive can come in exceedingly handy is when your computer unexpectedly packs it in. Of course the theory is that you’ll have time to back up your files before moving over to a new laptop, but on those rare occasions when the unit just malfunctions completely and you lose everything you had saved on it, it can be a nightmare starting over, especially if – like myself – you are self-employed and keep all your files on your computer. The 3TB drive allows you to make nightly backups and know that, should your unit break down entirely, you will be able to recover your files easily and without paying a penny.

So even if having 3 terabytes of space at your disposal seems like total overkill, consider buying this type of drive. It will allow you a great deal of freedom as well as the peace of mind of knowing you can back up, and have backed up all the work you need. This peace of mind and level of convenience is unparalleled, and allows you a much greater level of comfort in your professional and personal life.

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