Cosmetic surgery – are you for or against it?

Boobs that have doubled in size over night, a nose that was once wonky but is now perfectly straight, and lips that look so plumped they may burst; just a few types of cosmetic surgery we can all have done, but that celebrities are loving at the moment, more than they ever have before. Read on to find out what just a few celebrities have gone under the knife for…

  • Movie star Megan Fox– Reported to have had lip fillers, her teeth whitened, and a nose job, Megan strongly denies the rumours she’s had any work done, but her face is saying something different.
Megan Fox - lamfacialplastics.com

Megan Fox – lamfacialplastics.com

  • Singer Sarah Harding – She’s been reported to have had lip fillers and breast enlargements. Her breasts were noticed as a result of them being quite big for such a tiny frame. Additionally, her lips are now slightly fatter and plumper, making a recognisable difference to her face.
Sarah Harding - nowmagazine.co.uk

Sarah Harding – nowmagazine.co.uk

  • Movie star Jennifer Aniston– Jennifer has admitted to news reporters that she’s had a nose job, but they’re still reporting that more work has been done, although she’s not keen to admit.
Jennifer Aniston - cityrag.com

Jennifer Aniston – cityrag.com

  • Movie star Angelina Jolie- There’s a furore around whether Angelina Jolie is cosmetic surgery free, like she claims to be, especially when everyone seems to want hair like her, a body like hers, and a face like hers. Reporters have suggested that she had a tummy tuck after the birth of her twins, Vivienne and Knox, although with her sticking to her guns in denying all rumours, I guess we’ll never know for sure.
Angelina Jolie - ifitandhealthy.com

Angelina Jolie – ifitandhealthy.com

  • Singer Madonna– Madonna definitely looks good for someone that’s 52 years old, which is why she’s believed to have undergone a fair amount of cosmetic surgery. After supposedly having volume added to her face, botox, fillers, and peels, she’s almost had it all done, but good on you Madonna, at least it’s working!
Madonna - education.makemeheal.com

Madonna – education.makemeheal.com

  • Previous model Janice Dickinson– Known for having a bad case of cosmetic surgery carried out, Janice Dickinson has admitted to have several different pieces of work carried out on her, with her lips, in particular, going pretty wrong the say the least.
Janice Dickinson - usmagazine.com

Janice Dickinson – usmagazine.com

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