Catherine Tyldesley loses 6st through her diet & exercise regime

You wouldn’t think to look at her now, but sexy soap star Catherine Tyldesley was once a lot larger than these recent pictures demonstrate. The popular Coronation Street star, who plays Eva Price, and is involved in some of the Street’s more racy story lines, has lost an incredible six stone. And the plucky actress wants to share her diet and fitness secrets with the rest of the world.

Catherine Tyldesley

Tyldesley revealed that as a teenager, she once weighed up to 15 stone and was a dress size 22. The soap star is now a toned and slim size 10, and it’s all down to her diet and exercise regime, as well as the help of her boyfriend and personal trainer Sam Witter.


Catherine Tyldesley as a teenager

Tyldesley spoke to the Sunday People about her recent weight loss, and said that if she could do it, anyone could, but that willpower is the key.

She says: ‘Most people’s New Year’s resolution is to get fit and lose weight but so many quit after a small amount of time. It all about finding a way of keeping going.’ And now that she has managed her incredible weight loss, she wants to help others achieve their goals. She has developed, with the expertise of her boyfriend Sam, a fitness regime that everyone can adhere to.

She said: ‘The beauty of the plan is that it is sustainable, a lifestyle change that is not one of those fad diets. It’s very basic just taking things back to the food that our bodies are designed for.’ Tyldesley also works out daily to keep the flab at bay, and her exercise routine includes 10 triceps dips, 10 leg lunges and 10 press ups. These types of exercises are designed to be a great upper body and cardio workout – getting the blood pumping and the heart working, and perfect for those wanting to shift the Christmas pounds.

Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley exercising

Speaking about the routine, Catherine says with the right commitment and discipline, results are thick and fast. She says: ‘The results are amazing, people are like ‘oh my God, it was so easy. People make tiny changes and see a huge difference. I don’t deprive myself, I eat loads but I eat the right foods’.

Catherine Tyldesley doing Bench press up exercise

But Catherine says its important not to deny oneself completely. She says: ‘You need to have a little bit of what you fancy, life it too short, you need to be good 90 per cent of the time’.

Catherine Tyldesley has starred in many popular British programmes, including Coronation Street, Holby City, Sorted, Florence Nightingale, Emmerdale and Red Riding.

Catherine Tyldesley doing stretching exercise


  • Reduce your sugar intake by avoiding foods like chocolate, cake and fizzy drinks
  • A high protein breakfast helps the body burn fat all day as well as giving you extra energy
  • Eat lots of greens vegetables are packed full of vitamins
  • Try to drink two litres of water a day
  • Eat every three hours to turn your body in a fat burning machine
  • Try and exercise for 15 minutes a day – cardio and stretching exercises burns fat and makes you lean and strong

Source: MailOnline. Image courtesy Splash

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