Cordless Phones Are Still Getting Better

Cordless phones are not the big sellers they once were, and you can blame that on the cordless phone cousin, the mobile phone. In order to be profitable, cordless phone makers must keep up with today’s technology and the Unidata SQ-3000 Wi-Fi Video Phone is the best example of that. It may be a cordless phone, but it almost feels like a cordless computer. It has video calling capability, high-resolution touch screen. It is not just voice over IP, the video is also compatible. The phone is also capable of video conference calling. Unlike other video phones the battery in the Unidata SQ-3000 will keep you talking for extended period of times. Video calls can last up to 3 hours while a voice call can last twice as much. This is one of the best phones for the home or office; you can’t do better than that.

For people who have hearing problems there is the Serene Innovations CL-65 DECT 6.0 Amplified phone. It can be a great assistant for seniors as well as it has 8 buttons for speed dialing and one for emergency dialing which will make it a lot easier for them and their family to stay in touch. The amplification goes all the way to 55+dB and high-definition sound. You can easily raise or lower the volume on the phone if there are more people who use the phone. This phone is a really good find for people with disabilities or limited vision and hearing loss. The numbers are big enough that a person whose eyes are not what they used to be will have no problem dialing a number or a function key. Additional features include a talking Caller ID as well as talking Call Waiting.

The Siemens Gigaset S795 looks more like an average wireless phone but it isn’t. In fact this phone is loaded with features that make it perfect for the home business. The number of files that this phone can store is impressive with a total of 500 vCards for you to use. The answering machine which is integrated can store up to 45 minutes of talk. The battery life is very good at 15 hours of talk time and 180 hours of standby battery life. The range is pretty good as well at 1.9 GHz. You also get two handsets so you can be reached in two places at once. The menu screen looks more like a mobile phone menu screen and that will make getting used to this phone a breeze. All that said, you should also know that even though the phone is very good you can get something similar and of equal quality for a lower price. Some video phones in fact are very close in price while offering almost the same features.

There is something about the Vtech LS6245 Bluetooth Cordless Phone. The first time you see it you may think it almost looks like a remote control, but not in a bad way. This phone is cool and can be used with both land lines or over Wi-Fi. The sound quality is pretty good even when compared to other phones that may be twice as expensive. It takes both calls to your land line and to your cell phone, which makes it almost a two-line phone. The Bluetooth technology attached to this phone is very useful but not the best and that could be about the only complaint that we can find on this phone. As far as V-Tech phones go this is one of the best that they have ever made. It is a definite buy.

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