Coping with the Fickle British Weather

So you set aside your money, booked a cottage in Devonor the Highlands, and optimistically packed a bikini or some Speedos for your British holiday – only for it to pour down in buckets every single day of your trip. Sound familiar? I bet it does. When you take a holiday inBritain, you have to prepare for the weather to be fickle, leaning towards rainy and horrible. So if you plan to head for a British destination, get prepared with these simple tips!

One problem with packing is limited space. Obviously you don’t want to pack summery clothes and clothes suited to a colder, rainier clime. But the extremes in temperature you can reasonably expect during a British holiday mean you really do need to be prepared for anything.

The answer is simpler than you realise; dress in layers. Bring loads of vests, camisoles, and shrugs that can be worn individually or on top of one another. You simply shed some layers and you’ll be fine if the sun comes peeking out. Bring a thick jumper should things get really dire, and you’re packing efficiently for every situation.

Don’t go on holiday without packing a high-factor sunscreen. Even if you anticipate huge amounts of rain, you never know what might happen and a sunburn is the most effective holiday mood-killer imaginable, so don’t risk it. By the same token, a small brolly and a Pac-a-mac will provide handy relief in case of rain and take up little space in your suitcase.

A deck of cards is absolutely invaluable, and a couple of board games, if you have the space for them, will provide you with much-needed entertainment should the rain put a stopper in all your outside plans.

A portable cricket-game and a badminton set will be handy if the sun surprises you, and a beachball can provide hours of fun and folds down small!

Enjoying a British holiday can be a bit of a challenge, but with the right preparation you can have a wonderful time from Bognor to theHebrides. Happy travels!

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