Nine of the Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Summer Nights

The UK is set to achieve record-breaking temperatures this week. But while some of us might love basking in the hot weather, others are suffering as the nights become unbearably hot. Sticky sheets that stay wet are a nightmare when it is too hot in your bedroom. But there are ways to keep when the weather is warm at night. One way is to choose cooling sheets, but which ones?

  • Stick to natural materials like cotton and even bamboo. These wick away moisture and keep you dry.
  • When choosing cotton, pick a low thread count. High count threads have a tighter weave which doesn’t allow the fabric to breathe properly.
  • Tencel is a new fibre that draws moisture away from the body and helps to regulate body temperature.

Here are our recommendations for the best cooling sheets:

Euroquilt Coolmax Fitted Sheets: from £24.75

Cooling Sheets

The material used in these cooling sheets is a specially-engineered fibre made from polyester that allows superior breath-ability. This makes sure that moisture is not trapped in the sheets and against the body.

Comfortably Cool Cotton & Tencel® Blend Deep Fitted Sheet: £18 – £29.50

Cooling Sheets

You get a low thread cotton count of 200 and a mixture of Tencel in these cooling sheets which is guaranteed to draw sweat away and keep the body cool.

Fogarty Temperature Regulating White 32cm Fitted Sheet: £30.00 – £45.00

Cooling Sheets

Lots of sizes available in these cooling sheets which are made using a combination of merino wool and cotton to help regulate the body temperature on the hottest of nights.

Croft Collection Organic Cotton Bedding, White: £10.00 – £65.00

Cooling Sheets

These cooling sheets use organic cotton with a thread count of 200. The cotton is manufactured to strict environmental and social standards. It helps regulate body temperature and keep you cool in the night.

Soak & Sleep 300 Thread Count Soft & Cool Easycare Bed Linen – Single Flat Sheet – White: £18.00

Cooling Sheets

This material has a 300 thread count and a sateen feel to it. It is a natural fibre which wicks away moisture effectively and cools the body while you are sleeping.

Bamboo Fitted Sheet: £22.95 – £47.25 per item

Cooling Sheets

Made from bamboo fibres, this bedding is highly absorbent, and provides other benefits. It is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial and even repels dust mites. Bamboo is much more breathable than cotton and you can even compost it when you need to replace it.

Pure Egyptian Cotton 520 Count – Delicate Ivory Bedlinen: from £40

Cooling Sheets

This bed linen still has a low thread count of 520 and has a lovely soft feel to it. It is produced on traditional looms and is one of the best-selling items from this website.

Blush Pink 100% Linen Bed Linen: £50.00

Cooling Sheets

Linen is a good choice for hot sticky nights as it has larger fibres which allow moisture to pass through it. It is also very absorbent. These sheets are made from French flax which is then stonewashed in Portugal.

Next Cool Touch Tencel® Blend Sheet: £11 – £18

Cooling Sheets

Made using Tencel fibres, this is an organic material that will keep you cool in the hottest of nights. It has a 200 thread count which wicks sweat away.


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