Coolest Small Cameras

Hammacher Schlemmer’s The World’s Smallest Camera

Hello Mr. Bond, that is the way you will feel when using the World’s Smallest Camera. This baby looks and feels like something out of a cold war era spy movie. There have been small cameras in the past, but none that measures just over an inch. Even the ones that got close to the size could never be trusted to take a decent picture.

The World’s Smallest Camera is capable of taking pictures at a 1600×1200 resolution, and can also take video at a speed of 30 frames per second. You may be asking “how can you get to control such a small camera?” The World’s Smallest Camera uses a one button operation system that is fairly easy to use.

4GB High definition Digital Camera Watch

If you want some more of the spy feeling you may want to use a 4GB High definition digital camera watch. The stylish design along with the high-definition of the recording device on this watch make it one of the coolest small cameras you can get.

It has everything you need in a watch and allows you to leave the house without having to carry a camera with you. Investigative reporters have started using this technology and the best thing is that you really can’t tell that there is a camera in it. Sure the resolution is not the same as a regular camera, but you should take into consideration that it is on your wrist watch.

Olympus Pen E-PM1 12.3 MP

So you care more the quality of the picture instead of the size of the camera itself? Then check out the Olympus Pen E-PM 112.3. It is still a very small camera and it can be incredibly easy to carry without having to worry about space, but the picture quality is really good. This camera’s resolution is 12.3 MP and the video is nothing to laugh about.

You can shoot close to 30 minutes of 1080 60i HD video with the audio to match. The sound on your videos is recorded with Professional Audio Sound capture. The actual picture-taking is a lot better than with other bigger and more expensive styles. Have you ever had to take a picture, but the shutter response is slow and all you see is the flickering red light? No such problem with this camera. The response time you get from the shutter is a little less than 60 milliseconds.

 Olympus America 12 MP Stylus 7010

When it comes to 7x wide-angle optical zoom cameras The Olympus America Stylus 7010 is the world’s tiniest. For cameras in this price range the Stylus 7010 gets great range without losing quality on the focus.

If you want to get the best close-ups then this is the camera for you as it has the “super macro” mode; that means your close-ups can get to up to 20mm. So this is a small camera that does the job better than a lot of the more expensive ones, plus the style is eye-catching.

 Vivitar Vivicam V25 Digital Camera

The Vivitar Vivicam V25 will never claim to be your primary digital camera, though the resolution is as good as you will ever get for the price. It still has a 1.5 inches preview screen, and it does weigh less than a pound. The Vivitar Vivicam would be ok as your emergency back-up camera, but do not take it as your only camera in a trip.

It holds up to 120 photos at 2.1 megapixels and it also serves as a video recorder, so it is good enough to take the pictures that did not fit in your memory card, but don’t expect it to be more than that.

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