Convertible Crib – a Wise Investment!

A convertible crib for your baby's nursery

Cribs can be conveniently used by children up to the age of three years. However, the convertible cribs can be used by your baby at-least till the age of about five years. In essence, purchasing a convertible crib is a value that will last for a number of years to come. A convertible crib is indeed an extremely wise investment for you and your baby. Check it out at www.cribs.com.

These models can convert into a toddler bed when required. Few models of the convertible cribs can even be transformed into the regular sized beds. The most important feature of the convertible crib is that the sides need to be static. This is elementary for the safety of your child. The additional feature with few convertible cribs is that the pieces can be assembled to make a full-sized head-board. The advantage of purchasing a convertible crib than the regular crib is that your baby can use it at-least until the age of five years.

One of the most famous convertible cribs is the DA VINCI EMILY CONVERTIBLE CRIB which can be converted into a toddler bed, a day bed and even a full-sized bed. Read a little about the Da Vinci crib. The AFG ATHENA DAPHNE CRIB is a type of convertible crib which comes with a drawer stand. This provides immense space in the crib to keep things in an organized manner. Few other types of convertible cribs have a dressing table attached to it. This is another important aspect which solves the issue of the space. The dressing table can be detached from the crib and used separately as a night stand. The convertible cribs have side bars which can be changed. This will be helpful for you in changing your baby’s diapers without taking the baby elsewhere.

You can conveniently convert the crib by two simple steps. The crib can turn into a bed by the removal of the side panels which can be replaced by the side panels of the toddler bed. This will be helpful in preventing the restless sleepers from rolling out of the crib. You get cribs in materials such as wood, iron, fiber etc.

There is huge variety in terms of the different types of woods for the cribs such as birch, mahogany, gemilina, tanguile, Australian pine wood etc. It would be best to choose the cribs which come with a mosquito net. This will be very helpful in preventing your little one from mosquito bites. Most crib manufacturers use traditional designs with a modern flare, high quality material and latest technology in the manufacture of the convertible cribs. The safety of the child is an elementary aspect when you purchase a crib for your child. It not only ensures the safety of the child but also allows most parents to sleep peacefully in cognition with the fact that their child is safe and secure.

Convertible cribs are indeed a great investment which will allow you to transform the crib into other pieces of furniture, as per the needs and requirements of your little one. It is indeed a good option for you which will be a money saver as well as time saver too. The mini crib from STOKKE SLEEPI can be used by your baby up to the age of about six months. As your baby grows you can transform the crib into a baby crib which can be used up to the age of 18 months.

It can also be converted into a toddler bed which is useful for your child up to the age of three years. It can also be converted into a junior bed which is useful for your child till about the age of 10 years. This is indeed a wise investment for you to make as it will turn out to be useful for the years to come! Another important aspect of the convertible cribs is that most of them can blend well with the existing furniture of the house. In essence, the main purpose of a convertible crib is that it can be used long after your baby has grown into a toddler and even beyond that.

There are various brands which offer huge variety in terms of the convertible cribs available in the market as well as the ones online so check them out today!

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