Controversies in education

Since controversies have always been a part of each and everything on earth, the educational systems the countries have taken up in imparting them also are not free from it. Sometimes they are stressful but if thought from a rational point of view then it is a necessary evil. It helps people to think independently and also helps the society to progress. They help in changing our beliefs and also help us to look at matters differently. They also help us researching and our understanding towards arguments, logic which leads the society towards dynamism. Different Controversies in the system to education: Since the commencement of education in the world, it has been subjected to controversies. To save time and energy let us look at some of common controversies that we have in the system of education.

• Should uniforms be mandatory: This has been an issue since many years. People say that when schools are related to education then why and how does uniform matter. Many parents have said that giving uniforms are nothing but a way to harass the parents. But one school of thought says that uniforms should be a part of schools and colleges because it helps in uniformity. In spite of controversies, it has been seen that though schools have uniforms many colleges’ also casual dresses too.

• Students with disabilities and the system to educate them: there have always been schools specially meant for handicapped children. Some of us believe that schools should be meant for all. This kind of a differentiation might lead to unfair competition amongst everyone. But there are others as well who think the learning and the teaching techniques should be different with different students.

• Bilingual education: though people know about the positive and negative effects of bilingual education there has always been a controversy in this matter.

• The affect of standardization of tests in education: there are many standardized tests nowadays which are to be appeared by the candidates. It has in fact become a way of getting the best students for education.

• Girls should not be educated: this has been a point of controversy since history. Though now we have most schools and colleges for girls as well, we do find people in villages who do not allow girls to schools and colleges.

• Public schooling and home schooling: some of the people have said that home schooling is better than public schooling where kids are safe and are trained under best hands, the parents. They are taken care of parents and teachers appointed by parents and thus a lot of money is saved. One thought says public schooling helps kids in the mental, social etc development.

• Another controversy which can be mentioned here is the controversy of prayers being allowed in schools and colleges. Atheists say that prayers should not be held in schools while some say prayers should be compulsory for all.

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