Google’s Penguin update relies more on quality than quantity

Whatever your thoughts about Google, their main intent was always to produce high quality and reliable content for their users. And to this end, what with last year’s Panda release, and the more recent Penguin release, Google is about to get serious on serial spammers and ‘black hatters’.


From now on, anyone publishing on the internet will be given a more equal footing, and Google will favour those sites who consistently provide quality and engaging content to their readers.

Put in more simple terms; there are two ways a user can arrive at a webpage, one is through a user actively searching and using a search engine, and the other is to discover it or come across it from another source.

Previous tricks of the trade to get a high ranking page on Google would consist of key word spamming, gimmicky language, useless or non relevant back links, all known ‘black hat’ techniques.


From now on, there is an important algorithm change that is specifically targeted at webspam. The change will decrease rankings for sites that Google believe are violating their existing quality guidelines.


Google state that it has always been their mission to deliver the most relevant results to its users. As it gets closer to achieving that goal, the nature of SEO is shifting away from shady tactics and beginning to rely on high-level online marketing techniques in order to be successful.

So to all those who are consistently writing great content that their readers come back to time and time again, perhaps finally your time has come!

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