What to Consider when buying a Kettle


You would think it was an easy task, buying a kettle, but when you venture into a store and are greeted with the different specifications for each brand, it soon becomes a nightmare.

I went kettle shopping last week and just wanted to buy a standard kettle. No such chance. There are kettles that have easy-pour spouts, have temperature controls, and even feature built-in lime scale filters for hard-water areas.

If you are struggling with your kettle purchase, here’s what I have learned:


  • Tesco Basics Plastic White Kettle 1.5lt – £5

Tesco Basics Plastic White Kettle 1.5lt - £5

Would you believe that this is the kettle I ended up buying? For a basic kettle I am very happy with it. My old one always dripped when you poured it, this one doesn’t, and it is deceptively quiet when boiling (I thought for a while it wasn’t working!)

Just be careful, the base is inside the kettle, I actually took mine back to the store because I couldn’t find it :(

From: tesco.com


Swan Retro Dome Kettle 1.8L - £29.00

A lovely kettle here from Swan that comes in cream (shown), or red, black or green. We like the 360 degrees cordless base, the kettle also has a nice large spout and there’s a handy water gauge so you can see how full it is.

One thing we don’t like it that you have to completely remove the lid every time you fill it. It does have several safety features including an automatic cut off and a boil dry protection.

From: amazon.com


  • DeLonghi Brilliante 1.7lt – £45

DeLonghi Brilliante 1.7lt - £45

For those who are always in a hurry you can have a full boiling kettle in just under two minutes. And you don’t have to worry about the handle getting too hot, it is heat-proof. There’s a window at the back so you can tell when it needs filling. An unusual design too.

From: Debenhams.com


George Pyramid Kettle 1.7lt - £25

Another kettle here with a fast-boil function; this one from George at Asda heats up quickly with a 3kW function. The pyramid shape adds a lovely retro feel to your kitchen. Made from stainless steel, its large 1.7lt capacity also has a handy water gauge at the back and a heat-proof handle.

From: direct.asda.com


Bugatti Vera Kettle 1.75lt - £189.95

Fans of the iconic cars will no doubt want to express their love of the brand with this sophisticated design. As you’d expect from Bugatti, there are tons of features, including digital controls which allow you to regulate the temperature and keep it at that same temperature for as long as you like. Comes in a choice of eight colours but if you want the chrome finish you’ll have to pay an extra tenner.

From: johnlewis.com


Dualit 1 Litre Jug Kettle - £49.50

I live in a hard-water and the amount of lime-scale build-up in my kettles are unbelievable. This Dualit only has a 1 litre capacity but it is ideal for a couple or single person. It features a removable, washable lime scale filter which is great for hard-water areas. There’s a large viewing window on both sides that shows exactly how many cups you are filling. The lid is hinged and there’s a heat-proof handle and a safety cut-out for the boiling element.

From: dualit.com


DeLonghi Distinta 1.7lt - £129.95

Another kettle where you can control the temperature but this one is set between 75-100°C, which is exactly what is needed for some speciality teas, such as white or green. With this kettle you also get a warming function that keeps water heated for 20 minutes.

From: johnlewis.com


iKettle Wi-Fi Electric Kettle 2.0 - £99.99

Remember those old teas-maids in the 70’s? This is as close as you will get to one. This device uses your smartphone to get the device to boil water for whenever you want. So in the morning the kettle will be waiting for you, or when you get home from work. The actual boiling sound is very quiet too so it won’t wake you. You can also choose any temperature between 20-100°C.

From: amazon.com

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