Confectioners Hope and Greenwood Expand into Kitchenware

Anyone who has ordered sweets from the internet recently, may have come across Hope & Greenwood’s website as they are most definitely purveyors of splendid confectionery (their words not mine!) And having perused their site for the purpose of this article, the sweets they sell took me straight back to my childhood days; with sweet tobacco, candy sticks and toasted teacakes all on offer. But the reason I am writing about Hope & Greenwood is that they have added a whole new collection to their sweetie range, a kitchenware collection chock full of gorgeous vintage items. In blue, white and red, you’ll discover mixing bowls, measuring jugs and the most beautiful tea towels and oven gloves that will remind you of a Cornish holiday. We’ve chosen a select few to give you a taster of what you can expect, but do have a look at the sweets as well! Perfect if you have relatives who emigrated and are craving British candy!

Portland Bill Mixing Bowl – £23

Hope and Greenwood’s splendid mixing bowl was inspired by Portland Bill Lighthouse, a beacon for welcoming ships into the English Channel. Proud, understated, classic. ‘It is a sun-golden day on the sea shore; the children chubby-legged eat sandwiches of mackerel and sand. The salty lipped lighthouse keeper calls to his wife jenny for another slice of homemade cake. She smiles, Chocolate cake? Fruit cake? Battenburg? She is the perfect wife and mother – her copy of the Financial Times fluttering in the breeze.’ Size: Dia.22cm. Capacity: 2L. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Fairy Cake Cases – £6

Welcome to Mr Greenwood’s bakery, home of the Bambery cake, the cherry Genoa and the banana poppy seed loaf. Mr Greenwood rises at dawn to bake his splendid cakes, his kitchen smells of vanilla and spices. Sometimes he gives Miss Hope a special cake with pink icing and sugar flowers made in these pretty baking cases, sometimes he just hides. Size: Dia. 7cm. Contents: 90 cake cases in 3 designs. Oven safe to 220*C.

Umbrella Bonbon Dish – £18.99

Our ceramic bonbon dish is a joyous thing to behold. Please do feel free to adorn it with bonbons of your choice, a caramel truffle here, a rhubarb and custard there. If you were The Queen of England, you would adorn it with posh trinkets, luxury baubles and crown jewels. As you are probably not The Queen of England some twinkly brooches or vintage buttons would look equally majestic. Size: Dia. 20.5 cm. Dishwasher safe.

Set of 3 Cake Tins – £25

We recommend these three top-notch tins for storing cream cakes, biscuits and fairy cakes. If you insist you could admirably stow your ladies’ netball kit, some golden hamsters or your collection of beer mats from around the world. Hope and Greenwood cannot be held responsible for your eccentricities. Sizes: Large: H10 x Dia.22.5cm, Medium: H9 x Dia.20cm, Small: H8 x Dia.17cm. Dishwasher safe.

Jolly Jelly Mould – £14.99

We are feeling a bit giddy about our ceramic jolly jelly mould. We love jelly, the wibblier, the wobblier the better. The is also a recipe for Miss Hope’s Crown Jewel Jelly on the sleeve. Size: Dia.17.5 cm. Dishwasher and Freezer safe.

Frightfully Good Flan Dish – £18

Here is a frightfully good flan dish for making some super flans and tarts. Let’s pull on our wellies for there are wild mushrooms and herbs in the fields, berries in the hedgerows and this morning Lucy has laid some fresh eggs. Failing that let’s jump in the car and go to the shops. Size: Dia.27cm. Oven (up 250*C), Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave safe.

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