Compare the Top Ten Credit Cards for Poor Credit

Did you know that almost 4.5 million people were rejected by credit card companies last year? If you did you probably would have been more careful about which companies you applied for a credit card to, before you did fill in your application, as applying for the right card is vital, especially as rejection can further damage your credit rating. There are certain specialist lenders, however, that offer credit cards with significantly higher acceptance rates than any other cards on the market. These cards are specifically designed for people with CCJs, who have a less than perfect credit history, are on low-income or who have been rejected elsewhere.

A credit card is useful as it can be helpful in reestablishing your credit score. One of the easiest ways to improve your credit rating is through using a credit card. Spend a little money on a credit card every month, making sure that you keep within your credit limit, and pay it off in full every month. This way your credit history will gradually improve as your credit report will show that you are able to borrow and pay back on your borrowings. This will make you a more attractive customer to banks and other lenders, and you should qualify for better rates and deals.

One important fact to remember about credit cards companies that do have a higher lending rate and that is their APR tends to be much higher than normal rates. This is because they have to balance the risk of lending to people with poorer credit profiles. The simple trick to avoiding paying high interest charges is to make sure that you always pay off your balance in full and never, EVER miss a repayment. This way you won’t be paying the higher rate of APR and you should find that your credit rating improves.

Today we can reveal the cards most likely to accept your application & the best for bad credit profiles.

Luma – 35.9% APR

New card for people with poor credit ratings
Manageable credit limits up to £1,500
Get a response in 60 seconds

Barclaycard Initial – 29.9% APR

Manageable credit limits of £150-£1,200
Suitable even if you have missed payments or have had CCJs over 12 months ago
Suitable for people new to credit

Aqua Reward – 34.9% APR

3% cashback on all purchases (max £100 cashback/year)
No fees for overseas usage
Credit limits up to £1,600

Granite – 34.9% APR

Designed for people with a poor credit rating, even those with past CCJs
Initial credit limits up to £1,000
Credit limits can increase every 4 months up to a maximum of £3,000

Aquis – 29.8% APR

Easy to manage initial credit limit of up to £1,000
Possible credit increases every 4 months up to £3,000
Interest rates range from 29.8% to 59.9%

Capital One Classic Extra – 34.9% APR

0.5% cashback on all spending on the card
£10 annual bonus if you repay on time every month
Designed for people with poor credit profiles

Aqua Classic – 32.9% APR

Credit limits up to £1,600
One of the lowest APRs in this section of the market
Will not accept applicants with CCJs in the last 12 months

Capital One Progress – 29.9% APR

Shrink your interest rate
Credit limits of up to £1,500
You will get a response to your application in 1 minute

Aqua Advance – 34.9%

Credit limits up to £1,600
Reduce your interest rate by 5% a year for 3 years
Designed for people who have been rejected elsewhere

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