Cologne for Men: A Personal Indulgence

Men's Cologne

Men’s Cologne

You may find that cologne for men defines the kind of person he is.  Smelling good creates these impressions.  With most women appreciate men who values their sense of style and fragrance, colognes today has become a personal indulgence to men.

Eau de Toilette is the appropriate term for cologne for men which present a stronger aroma than any woman’s perfume.  They come in a much concentrated form and could last for 12 hours depending on a man’s activities.  It greatly covers body odor and keeps the wearer cool and fresh.

Today, manufacturers for these colognes tried to create a different aroma that diverted from traditional scents.  Commonly these colognes are made based on these kinds citrus, musk, fruit, floral, herbal, leather and spicy, powder and woody scents.  Now most are enhanced by other kinds of herbs and flowers to create a more defined type of aroma.

These aromas are inspired by warmth and earth feel.  The compositions of each aroma comprise the signature scent of the cologne.  They are made through a process of diluting alcohol and oil scents.  Based oil used is jasmine and lavender extracts as well as some orchid extract

These aromas are composed of layers of threes.  The top notes which are responsible for the initial scent generating from these colognes which most perfume enthusiast call it as the first impression.  These top notes are generally minty and spicy scent that evaporates easily.  It is then followed by the second layer called heart notes which is composed mainly of a denser smell of citrus and spicy scents that generally last for an hour.  And lastly are the base notes which are the lasting mature scents in colognes.

Since there is a wide selection of brands to buy in the market, choosing cologne for men is not that hard as it may seem.  The best cologne should be suitable to the man’s personality and way of life.  His activity and energy level, his hobbies and interest as well as the pricing are some of the things to consider in buying colognes.

Some of these best brands are Armani, Dior, Gucci, Cool Water, Obsession, Drakkar and other signature brands available in the market today.  Do not choose cologne by its descriptions and packaging alone.  Bear in mind also that every aroma will exude a different kind of smell on each person.    Find cologne for men that would best describe your whole personality.

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