Collapsible reusable water bottle ‘Hydaway’ stops plastic waste

Did you know that US consumers throw away 90,000 disposable water bottles every minute? That amounts to a whopping 50 billion water bottles a year, which is the equivalent of 30 million tons of plastic.

And the majority of these bottles are not recycled. At least 80 per cent end up in landfills, dumped in streets, waterways or beaches.

It was these uncomfortable facts that led inventor Niki Singlaub to create the Hydaway collapsible water bottle.


The Hydaway bottle began as an idea in June, 2012, after Singlaub went traveling as a freelance product developer. Designing products is Singlaub’s ‘thing’, in fact,  he is described as a bit of a ‘product guy’. Singlaub couldn’t find anything portable in the water bottle category that could would collapse:

“Trying to stay hydrated in different countries, climates, and elevations, while spending time both in business meetings and in the mountains inspired this water bottle concept. I was looking for a durable, stable, fully-functioning water bottle that collapsed enough to fit in my back pocket. I was really surprised I couldn’t find anything like the Hydaway bottle out there.”

Singlaub decided to create his own version of a collapsible water bottle, and came up with Hydaway, an easy-to-use, reusable water bottle. It is designed for those who don’t want to keep buying bottled water and then discarding the plastic bottles.


Hydaway is designed for those with active lifestyles who want to make a significant contribution to the environment. Singlaub says that by purchasing a Hydaway bottle, you can be part of the generation that makes a difference to the 90,000 bottles thrown away every minute.

At present, there is a Kickstarter campaign to launch the Hydaway bottle, and if you back the campaign, Singlaub says you are making a commitment to:

  1. Reducing the amount of plastic discarded and left in landfills by reducing the 50 billion disposable bottles thrown out every year.
  2. Reducing the amount of oil that goes into making these plastic bottles every year.
  3. Increasing the amount of water we drink, and decreasing the amount of sugary and fizzy drinks we consume.

The Hydaway bottle can store up to 600ml (21oz) when fully extended, but then shrinks down to just over 3.2 cm (1.25in) in height when compressed.

The Hydaway Bottle is:

  • Certified Safe & BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Taste & Odor-Free
  • Collapsible
  • Watertight
  • Has a Carry Handle

The Hydaway Bottle comes in six different colours; grape, bluesteel, charcoal, moss, chili, and tangerine. It is available in two sizes; 12oz and 21oz and prices are $14 for the smaller size and $20 for the larger.


The 12 oz Hydaway bottle features a solid base which helps to stabilise the bottle and prevent spills. There is a hinged design which allows the Hydaway to fold down easily to fit in pockets, backpacks, and lunch boxes. All Hydaway bottles feature a flip-up straw for easy use, a carabiner-friendly carry handle, and come with a Watertight Guarantee™.

The larger 21oz Hydaway has all the same features as the 12oz, but also fits in most vehicle cup holders and backpack water bottle pockets.

For more information visit Hydawaybottle.com

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