Coffee infused socks spell the end of smelly feet

We see many innovative ideas on the crowd-funding KickStarter site, but none as revolutionary as this. The company Ministry of Supply (MoS) have come up with a fantastic idea of infusing coffee grounds into socks in order to prevent odours escaping. And the timing could not have been better, as the warm weather has seen a rise of that dreaded phenomenon – stinky feet.

infusing coffee grounds into socks in order to prevent odours escaping

The socks are manufactured from a mix of cotton, recycled polyester and coffee grounds, which have been carbonised, and it is the coffee that filters out the odours from the feet. The company says that this is exactly how a Brita water filter works, as the carbonised coffee attracts and holds on to molecules, with its own sponge like structure, and then releases them in the wash.


And the socks have another quality as they use coffee grounds from coffee roasting factories, and as such, recycle these grounds that would normally be thrown away. The coffee grounds taken from the roasting factories are treated to remove the coffee smell and the oils associated with the grounds, and are then added to the company’s materials, ready to be made into the socks.


MoS state that their socks are three times more effective at absorbing smells than regular cotton, and have 3D tests that show how the skin stretches and adjusts, so that the sock doesn’t have to accommodate foot movements as conventional socks do. They also used the technology of pressure mapping that located points that required extra support and comfort. The company used this technology with thermal imaging to identify hot spots and to help improve ventilation.


And the company are also using the latest technology to make the socks, they are going to outsource the production to specialist textile mills that use robotic knitting, which is similar to 3D printing, but for knitwear.

MoS initially hoped for $20,000 of funding, but with 15 days to go, they have managed to raise an enormous $127,041, with around 1,400 backers, 844 of which pledged $28 or more. Although the funding total has been achieved, you can still pledge and get onboard, but only for certain amounts, as some of the amounts are now limited.


MoS say that now the $30,000 has been raised, this will fund production of the socks, and they will be able to place the minimum order quantity with their manufacturer.

The socks will be available in black for loafer and dress socks. By choosing a particular backer level you are able to specify, by size and type, each pair you want in your custom batch.

For more information check out the MoS page on KickStarter.

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