Coachella Festival takes to the Seas


Typically cruise singers and performers get a bit of a bad rap, and perhaps unjustifiably, but maybe it is because on a cruise ship, there is nowhere to hide, you literally have your captive audience. Now mix up a typical cruise ship and the uber cool festival of Coachella, and will attitudes get any better we wonder? Well, if the likes of Pulp, Hot Chip, Grimes and sets by DJ Harvey and James Murphy can’t put the cool back into cruise, we don’t know who could.

S.S. Coachella is the equivalent of ‘glamping’, for those who want the whole festival experience, but without any of that dirty mud or smelly toilets whatnot interfering with their musical pleasure. S.S Coachella is your chance to experience the music of the festival, but in an ultra relaxing and completely intimate setting. Just think of it as a first class sort of Coachella, with stunning views, guaranteed sunshine, with built-in amenities. And if the musical line up is not enough to keep you busy, the festival organisers have even created some additional activities. By the end of the cruise you will be familiar with your fellow passengers, the people who bring you Coachella, the artists you know and the artists you don’t.

coachella voyage 2012 18x24 v36.inddJust as if you were attending Coachella on land, you will be able to build your musical itinerary with your favorite bands you want to see and even add the activities you want to participate in. You can check out the cruise liner’s on-board events, see what venues you will be stopping at, and start thinking about what your want to do on shore.

So are the type of people who typically frequent a Coachella festival the types that would take to a cruise ship? According to a report by The Guardian, probably not. As at one point, it was noted that the organisers were so worried about the lack of attendance at one of the gigs that they part closed down the theatre. And there is the additional problem of the cost of the tickets. Sure, the West Coast darlings aren’t short of a few bob, but are they willing to spend it on between £500 and £1,250 for a ticket for a few days cruising around Jamaica and the Bahamas, on what really is seen as an older persons kind of later life holiday?


Even Jarvis Cocker couldn’t quite believe where he was: “If someone told us 15 years ago we’d be singing this on a cruise, I’d have said, are you sure?”

Cruises for 2012 have now finished and as of today, we do not have any further dates to disclose. The cruises lasted for three days apiece and travelled around the coasts of the Bahamas and Jamaica. On board activities included a Sky Lounge, a Silhouette Theatre, a Pool Deck and a Lawn Club.

For more information about up and coming cruises, visit ss.coachella.com.

Source: Guardian

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