Cleaning Your Fridge and Freezer

A refrigerator and freezer, or a fridge/freezer combination, are definitely at the top of the list of home necessities. As such, you’ll want to make sure you keep yours in tip-top condition by keeping them clean. This will help your fridge/freezer to last longer and your food to remain in a state that allows you to eat it without worrying about illness or food poisoning.

Cleaning your fridge freezer on a reasonably regular basis is a good idea. Remove all the food from your refrigerator and from the freezer section, and turn your fridge/freezer off at the plug (or unplug it altogether). Now you can start cleaning. If you haven’t got a frost-free model, you’ll need to let it defrost; fill a bowl with boiling water from the kettle and put it in the freezer before closing the door. The resulting steam will help the ice to melt quicker without you’re doing anything silly to try and chop it off somehow. This will expedite the process without any risk to your fridge/freezer.

Remove the shelving and drawers from your fridge/freezer and put them on the countertop or in the sink. They will need to be cleaned separately. When your freezer is completely defrosted you can start cleaning, but while you wait you can give the shelving and drawers a bit of a once-over. Cillit Bang and similar spray-on products are great for sticky stains that may have been around for a while; spray it on and give it a bit of time before using a scrubby sponge to wipe it off.

You can do the same on the inside of your fridge/freezer. Make sure you rinse all the parts of your fridge/freezer very thoroughly, however, as you don’t want your food to come into contact with cleaning products of any sort. Dry the parts with towels or leave the doors open until the drying process is complete on its own; if you need to put food back into the fridge-freezer before the day is out, towels may be the best option.

Replace the drawers and shelving and make sure you return all the food to its rightful place. Doing this on a regular basis is a good idea, but obviously it will be less necessary if you keep the fridge/freezer clean as and when you go. If milk spills, for example, clean it then and there and you will find it a lot easier to stay on top of these issues. However, even if you keep your fridge/freezer scrupulously clean it is a good plan to defrost and perform a deep cleaning routine regularly to ensure you can’t overlook any dirty little corners.

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