Christmas trivia: all that you didn’t know about Christmas

There are plenty of things that we know about Christmas, like Christmas trees, the Christmas dinner, the mistletoe, the tinsel balls and many other such things which are part of our Christmas celebrations. However there are a few things that we did not know about Christmas.

How many of us know the real name of Santa Claus? Do we know why Rudolph’s nose shines in the night sky? There are various explanations when it comes to Christmas. Some are scientifically proven or debated while others are parts of myths are legends. Yet these are all a part of Christmas.

People send greeting cards on Christmas but are they really aware what led to the circulation of greeting cards? Do we know what was the first ever Christmas carol? Here are some interesting facts straight from the pages of history with some modern-day explanations.

Why is Rudolph’s nose shiny?

We all know that Rudolph who is Santa’s ninth reindeer has a bright red nose which basically serves as a headlight for Santa’s flying sledge. There are some recent hypotheses which has come up from the papers of some scientists from Norway, that Rudolph perhaps suffered from some parasitic respiratory problems as a result of which his nose was red!

What does mistletoe mean?

We stand and kiss under the mistletoe but little do we know that it was initially not a part of Christmas traditions and had been being used for a long time by some other priests. Mistletoe, the scientific name of which is Viscusm album is actually a word belonging to the race of the Anglo Saxons. The real word is mistletan the meaning of which translates into something like the little twig with dung. There is a reason behind it being called so. The reason is that bird droppings help in spreading the seeds of the plant here and there.

The colors of Christmas: what do they signify?

When it comes to Christmas there is color in whichever direction you look. There are plenty of colors in use when it comes to Christmas but the principle colors are gold, red and green. Gold is the color which is coded to signify something such as light which is essentially a major concept when it comes to Milton’s Paradise Lost. However gold also carries the meaning of something wealthy and being royal. Green is a color which carries the hidden meaning of rebirth. Then there is the color red which can be seen as Christ’s blood’s color.

What is the age of a Christmas tree?

We all rush to the market to but Christmas trees once the winter festivities begin. However have we ever counted the rings at the cut end of the main branch? The minimum age up till which a Christmas tree has to be grown is around fourteen to fifteen years.

 The truth behind Christmas being an official holiday

There were many reasons as to why Christmas was sometimes banned or sometimes not celebrated with so much pomp in the US. It was as late as sometime in June, in the year 1870, that the Government finally gave it the status of an official holiday.

These are some of the few facts about Christmas which are staring at our faces but about which we never take the initiative of finding it out.

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