Christmas Traditions: Christmas Dinners around the world

Many small traditions make up a big tradition of celebrating Christmas every year commemorating the birth day of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind and the son of God. One such small tradition which is a must for every Christmas celebration is a traditional Christmas dinner. This is something which people genuinely look forward to, throughout the year. After all who does not like good food to tickle their taste buds at the end of the day! It is not a simple procedure to prepare a Christmas dinner. It is an elaborate affair which takes a lot of time to prepare. People start planning for the Christmas dinner from days ahead. Finally on the set day, all the family members come together in the dinner table and pray before feasting themselves to a delicious meal.

Christmas dinners here and there

The menu of the Christmas dinner varies from continent to continent or more specifically from country to country. For example the Christmas dinner which is partaken in Austria is much similar to that in Germany. It involves a lot of dishes prepared from Goose meat or Ham. There is also the tradition of taking chocolate mousse. Chocolate cookies are also prepared. In Brazil, the Christmas dinner which is had on the 24th of December is an elaborate affair. Food and drinks are served in huge quantities. Brazilian nuts are also had. The main course also has an array of freshly cut vegetables served along with a huge quantity of rice and a preparation of ham. Sometimes there is also the roasted turkey to make it an even more sumptuous meal. The Christmas dinners of Canada and England are pretty much the same. They follow the English model of a dinner. The turkey which comes along with some mashed and stuffed potatoes are a must! Then there is the famous Christmas pudding. To top it all, eggnog is there. Eggnog is basically prepared with milk which sometimes has slight quantities of alcohol in it. The Netherlands prefers the concept of a gourmet when it comes to the Christmas dinners. They also take dishes like that of rabbit and a roast duck. Rice pudding is had with great joy in Norway, which is a specialty there.

Sticking to the traditional dinner

People these days have a lot of work in their hands and they do not get much time to sit and prepare nice meals for the family. Yet however, during the holiday season that Christmas is people somehow make it a point to take some off and prepare a grand feast for Christmas. This is something which they do very religiously. They get good and fresh stuff from the market and prepare the dinner with great care. Wives and husbands alike help in preparing the feast in most of the cases. The meat is marinated while the cake is properly frosted. It is an elaborate procedure and time consuming. Nonetheless people definitely make it a point to stick to this tradition.

Christmas dinner is a source of great fun and lovely food- a tradition which is going strong till date.

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