Christmas symbols: the star of Bethlehem

Christmas has in its store a lot of mystery. In the festive mood we incorporate those legends and myths as a part of the rituals but do not stop and question their origin or try to find out more about them. There are many symbols which we use to decorate the Christmas tree and even our houses but we fail to recognize their significance. There are certain stories to each tradition that we follow and we must make it a point to at least find out a few. Some of us know that Saint Nicholas is perhaps the man on whom Santa Claus is modeled. Only few of us of the so many who put up the star on top of the Christmas tree know that it is the star of Bethlehem. Let us clear the mystery surrounding the star that we all use during Christmas.

The story: Part I

There are two parts of the story of the star which shone over Bethlehem one night. In the first part of the story it states that suddenly out of the blue one night the shepherds of a distant land saw this huge and bright star in the dead of the night. It was winter time and they were a bit frightened of the bright and huge status of the star. However, then lo! A few angels descended on earth from heaven. They calmed and soothed the confused shepherds. They told them of a child who had been born in a stable in Bethlehem the very moment the star had appeared in the sky. They also informed that the child will bring great relief and knowledge for mankind and even sacrifice himself for them. This child they told the shepherds will be the harbinger of truth. Delighted and a little curious the shepherds went to visit the child after the angles went back to where they came from. The shepherds simply followed the star and it led them straight to Joseph and Mary with little Jesus in their lap.

The Story: Part II

In another part of the world there lived three men who were very wise. They are today commonly referred to as the three wise men. They saw the bright star in the sky and realized its significance. They knew that the savior of mankind has finally arrived on the Earth’s soli. They each loaded their bags with very special gifts for the baby boy and set out for Bethlehem. The three men like the shepherds did not know the way so the star with its bright light shone and guided the three men to their destination. With the advent of morning and after achieving its purpose the star again disappeared in the sky.

The star of Bethlehem that we put up in your houses and on top of the Christmas tree is today believed to be the carrier of good fortune and great wealth. People take great pleasure and pride in decorating their houses and streets with a replica of the Star of Bethlehem.

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