Christmas Preparations You Need to Make Today

Christmas is still quite a way away, and some time ago I posted about ways for you to prepare to afford a bigger Christmas than the one you could pay for if you paid for it all at the same time. However, there are bits and pieces that you best get going with today if you want to make things easier for yourself as the holiday season nears. Why not take a look and see if any of them apply to you?

For a start, planning where you will place the tree and how you will arrange your room may be a good idea. Most people’s living rooms do not contain a vast space for the tree to occupy during the holiday season, and rearranging bits and pieces can be a stressful experience on the day when you’ve already purchased your tree or promised excited kids they could set it up tonight. So planning for it now allows you to ease the tension when the time comes to sort things out.

Are you planning to make any homemade gifts? Now is a good time to plan and start them. Every year I plan to sew and knit presents for many of my friends and loved-ones, but if I don’t start working on the projects in question by October I’m lost and haven’t the time to finish them. If you would love to give handmade gifts but don’t have any hobbies allowing you to make these gifts, you can go for baked goods like Christmas cookies or even filling glass jars with the dry ingredients for cookie or cupcake recipes, with the rest of the recipe on the lid. You can easily make these look gorgeous, but of course you’ll want to start looking for jars now to make sure you can find the right ones, and finalising a recipe and buying the proper ingredients may be best done well ahead of Christmas to ensure you don’t get caught up in the pre-Christmas shopping madness.

Plan your menu well ahead of time; if you plan for it today you can start buying the frozen, tinned and dry ingredients on a weekly basis and spread the cost. And cards bought now could save you a bit of money and allow you plenty of time ahead to get them ready.

Christmas can be an absolute nightmare if you’re unprepared, but by ensuring you’re working at it now you’ll be able to make sure you’re well-prepared when the time comes.

Listen to an audio interview with Elise Hattersley hosted on BBC Radio 2 on Preparing for Christmas Tips and ideas. Listen to it Now  – Shoppersbase – Preparing for Christmas Tips and Ideas

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