Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta record new xmas festive album

They wowed us in the mega hit Grease, almost 35 years ago, and fans of the musical have been waiting ever since for the two stars of the show to get back together. Well this Christmas they will get their wish, as John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have finally decided to step back into the limelight and record a special single for Christmas.

The pair’s new single, called ‘I Think You Might Like It’, imagines what would happen if the two Grease characters were to back together for a Christmas celebration. And the connection to Grease doesn’t end there, as the single is penned by none other than John Farrar, whose also wrote the hugely successful ‘You’re The One That I Want’, which just happened to be the fifth best-selling single of all time in the UK.

Apparently it was Newton-John that got the ball rolling as she texted Travolta to tell him of the single’s success, and he replied: “I texted her back and said let’s do a Christmas song,” he said to the BBC.

But instead of one song, they decided to do a whole album and headed into the studio in July to record it. To get into the Christmassy feel, the pair decorated the studio with various bits and bobs: “John bought reindeer antlers and Santa hats so we got right in the spirit.” The album is called This Christmas and available from amazon.

And it seems that they hadn’t lost any of the special qualities that made the musical such as success in the first place, as Travolta explains: “The chemistry was right where we left it” who added that they chose songs that “allowed us to be the voice quality that we were in Grease.”

The proceeds from the album will be divided between the Jett Travolta Foundation, set up in honour of his late son, and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne. The album features Christmas classics and also has some famous friends of the duo singing along with them.

Travolta said: “They all knew my son. When I called Barbra Streisand, she didn’t hesitate at all. Neither did James Taylor, Tony Bennett, Kenny G or Chick Correa. All said yes immediately. Probably the most touching thing of all is the lack of hesitation.” Whilst Newton-John managed to get Sir Cliff Richard on board. “It was really important to me that he was a part of it, as he was so important to my career and starting me off in the UK,” she says, adding: “It’s a project that we’re hoping turns into a perennial one, that can continue to raise money for these causes year after year. A gift that keeps on giving.”

So now that they have made an album together, what about another Grease film? Anything in the pipeline we wondered? “Paramount is relentless about trying to get a third one up but there’s just such magic to that first one that it’s hard to compete with that,” says Travolta. He concludes: “I almost feel like we have to do a Christmas movie or some other movie that reminds you of Sandy and Danny but that isn’t them in order to do it correctly.”

So there you have it, no Grease remake or sequel so fans of the film will just have to content themselves with the new album.

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