Christmas in Spain

Christmas is a festival for the Christens. In whichever part of the world they settle down they stick to celebrating Christmas everywhere. Christens of Spain also do the same. However as it is obvious thing that Christmas traditions vary in Spain from other parts of the world. Different countries of the world have different ways to celebrate this special day which signifies the birth of the son of God on earth who redeemed mankind of all its sins. Unlike Australia, Spain has a rather cold month of December characterized by a lot of snow fall. Though the weather is not the same throughout Spain, it is generally pretty cold. It is bitterly cold and within all the snow and the low temperatures people usher in the spirit of Christmas which fills their hearts with warmth.

What is Christmas or Navidad in Spain?

Christmas throughout the world signifies the birth of Jesus Christ and Spain is no exception to that. However it has an altogether different set of customs and traditions for celebrating Christmas. Spain in general observes Christmas very religiously. Much like some parts of France, Christmas here commences from the 8th day of December. Virgin Mary occupies a special place in the heart of the Spanish people and Christmas begins with the ceremony on the aforementioned date called the Immaculate Conception feast. Spain is a country of dance and music so being true to its nature, this ceremony begins with a lively dance which is referred to as the Los Seises which roughly translates into something like the dance by six people. It is celebrated by the people in front of the Gothic Cathedral which is there in Seville. Though this dance is to be performed by only six people, around ten people nowadays participate in it. Then, comes the turn of Nochebuena or the Christmas Eve which means Good night. After that people celebrate another occasion called the feast of the Holy Innocents on the 28th day of Christmas. It is celebrated in a very interesting manner. Some youthful boys from villages or town meet up and put up a sort of skit performance on the streets which show them keeping their country clean under the authorities’ orders. They enact the whole thing after lighting a bonfire. Then there is the Epiphany feast during which all the children of Spain are bound to receive gifts. Gifts are distributed amongst the less fortunate ones as well.

Navidad in Spanish homes

People are generally very pious here in Spain. There are mangers in Spanish Christian homes and they start praying there during the days ahead of Christmas. They especially honor the cow at this point of time. It is a time for the members of the families to come together on the Christmas Eve. They sit and enjoy a delicious supper and a nice chat. A special dish called the turron is prepared. Houses are decorated with little lamps and people gather around in streets for song, dance and a lot of fun. Every children of the house look forward to Epiphany on which they receive a lot of presents.

Navidad or Christmas in Spain is a time for song and dance and joy!

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